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Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 random things, facts, habits, or goals about yourself. At the end choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment (that they're it - and to read your blog). You can't tag the person who tagged you. Since you can't tag me back, let me know with a response or comment when you've posted your blog so I can read your answers.

1. I love home decorating! I love it so much I have six different bathroom sets for the main bathroom. This includes rugs, curtain, pics, trash cans......I could go on and on. Hey it is one room in the house that you can redo rather cheap and switch out often! Love it! I wish I could do it more like have different bedroom furniture and decorations....dream on baby! I would love to go to design school if only just to learn new things and the method to my madness!

2. I am a great multi-tasker! At work I can be doing ten different things at once and while everyone else looks at me while I am crazy I have it all under control! Although I hate to file....ugh...I have a mound of filing right now if anyone has free time!!

3. I have learned to enjoy yardwork since buying our own home a few years back! I never thought I would ever say that!! I never mowed a lawn or weedeated until I was 29 years old! My parents would never let me and then both of my brothers owned lawncare/landscaping businesses so I didn't have to. Well I learned how and rather enjoy it.....wait maybe I don't necessarily enjoy it but I like my yard to look nice especially the edge which is why only I am allowed to use the weedeater! Picky yes but the yard looks good and there is nothing like flowers and a crisp deep edge to create curb appeal!

4. I love pictures! Of course if you are on my friends list then you probably already know this by the many slideshows I create!! I used to scrapbook when Elijah was a baby but only got up to his first birthday done. almost five years and another kid turned two later I am playing catch up! Thanks Shandolynne! She asked me if I scrapbooked one day and I said "Past or present?". I have been playing catch up ever since...ugh! I must say it is fun to look at their baby pictures because they are just so darn cute and I am actually doing rather well with the catch up game. After three months I only have part of this year left ....don't knock it...I was behind almost five years on Elijah and had nothing done for Isaiah who is 2 so I am proud of myself. I am mainly proud I stuck with it for this long especially since it has taken over our dining room table and I hate clutter!@!!! Elijah asked the other day if we were ever going to eat at the "family table" again----my answer was "yes one day soon but you will appreciate these books when you are older!" So that is my goal to finish in hopefully the next 6weeks since I have to order pictures again and that is going to take some time to order then sort!

5. I hate it when people butcher the English language!! It drives me insane! I constantly correct people and catch myself in disgust when I do it! I hate it when people say "These ones or those ones" Come on people it is "these" or "those" or "this one"!!!! Get it straight!! It especially drives me nuts how kids talk today have you watched their shorthand on the computer "mii" = me, "da" = the, and "dur" = their intelligence level!!! Maybe it is just me but I believe "me" is less to type than "mii"!!! Helllllloooooo!! I was watching Opray one day and she said something I think today's kids should hear ------ "When an African American child speaks proper English in front of his/her peers he/she is teased for talking "WHITE". Speaking proper English should not be considered talking "WHITE" but should be considered speaking like an intelligent American. Why is it considered "WHITE" to speak proper English? By saying that are we calling the Caucasian community more intelligent than the minorities in America! How can we expect the Hispanic community or immigrants of another nation to learn English so we can understand them when we can't even teach the American children to speak it properly let alone read and write it!!" Right on Oprah I loved it, thank you, although I think it goes for everyone now just minorities because I know plenty of white people who butcher English too!

6. I hate that people can't understand racism goes both ways and that is all I am going to say on that subject because I don't even want to get started!!!! Trust me you don't want me to get started either I've experienced it from those who would be the first ones to call someone else prejudice or racists! Did that make sense? Oh well done with that one!!

7. I like laundry! Weird I know! But I pride myself on stain removal! My children do not own clothes with stains it only takes a minute to treat the clothes before they go into the washer!!

8. I love my car! Sad and materialistic I know but I do! I also love DVR! I know, I know!

9. I am always late and I am and always have been an insomniac!!

10. Just a random fact many of you won't already know - I have something called RAD! OK Mel stop laughing!!! Sad but true! Nothing too serious but it causes me to gag easily mainly in the winter months! Ok maybe I shouldn't tell this one cause I can hear you all going "What? Freak!" Anyway it is mainly in the mornings if it is cold or getting out of the shower if I am cold but ESPECIALLY in the winter on a cold and windy day....those cold rushes of air get to me and I gag! STOP LAUGHING!
Guess my 10 random things are done....oh well .....I tag Melanie, Genevieve, Shandolynne, Beckie, Heather G, Christy, Janelle, Valerie, Tammy, Jessie

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