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5.  My first thought when admiring the room of sickies waiting for medical advice at the ER was wow we have a bunch of redneck/white trash/ghetto sickies in this town.  Then I realized I was being way too judgmental since I was one of these people without being redneck/white trash/ghetto.  It took a second but I understood that at midnight there is no need to wear your Sunday best.  In fact, my own son was looking fine in his "I am going to the ER at 11 o'clock" look.  He was wearing red, black and cream plaid pajama pants with a fluorescent orange Incredible Hulk shirt topped only by the camo flip flops.  Yep we were all ONE in our fashion senses ~ who cares!  Amazing the ensemble you can come up with when you kid can't breathe, his lips are blue and his heart is racing!  More to life than fashion!!

4.  You get in much quicker if (1) your son cannot breathe and (2) the pediatric ER is still open.  Never been to the new pediatric ER but I will definitely return there if needed!  It was so fast!  I totally anticipated being there until the next morning but I wasn't!  Gotta love it!  Well not that you have to go there but that the option exists!  It is also funny to me how quickly kids appear to return to normal once you enter the ER and they know there is a shot looming in their near future!

3.  A little sense of fear comes when the nurse says Dr. C will be right in.  Dr. C is the pediatrician you fired because his nurse almost killed your second son at the age of 9 mos ( for real people, they had to start chest compressions but that is another post.....hmm....have I posted about that before?)  I will not lie I felt awkward especially after he recognized us!  Oh well he fixed my boy up so I can't complain!

2.  If you are in the Tulsa area and have been to the St. Francis ER, then you will know who I am about to talk about.  The lady who does the admitting portion of our ER visit was the sweetest lady named Dena.  Really she was so so sweet but she has claws for finger nails.   I am talking something almost Guiness worthy folks.  You know the ones that curl all the way around and curl in weird directions.  She couldn't even grab things with her finger tips but instead had to use her knuckles.  It is so weird to see and they are longer and longer everytime I see her.  They are thick and ugh just gross.  If you could have seen Elijah's face when he saw the claws!!  It was priceless!  I always say, "I don't know how you type with those!"  She can type with the curled up claws and pretty quickly considering she hunts and pecks with 6 inch curly q's on her fingers.  It is just so odd!  Quite a sight to see!


Due to recent flu epidemics and the ever looming fear of the H1N1 virus, there were signs everywhere to please wear a surgical mask if you had any cold or flu symptoms.  I understand this but their operation seemed pretty senseless.  It should be well known by now that one is supposed to cover their coughing and sneezing with the inner elbow instead of one's hand.  Although well known, many do not do so in the moment.  This leads me to my point.  In order to get the surgical mask, the patient would have to reach into the box of surgical masks to get one. 
So now you have a room full of sick people reaching their grubby little hands into the box of ALL the surgical masks thereby contaminating them all!  Doesn't that just spread the symptoms, feed the virus and DEFEAT THE PURPOSE!!!!  Why isn't the hospital staff handing them out?  People are probably getting sicker by wearing the contaminated masks directly over their mouth and nose while breathing in the funk for hours while waiting to be seen!  If you didn't have it before, then you sure have it now!  Idiots, I tell you!

Angela's Adventures


  1. ERs are always an interesting visit.

    I want to know the finger nail ladies secret - I have to keep mine trimmed right near the quick or they crack and split and then hurt like h*ll - I suspect it is a side effect from one of the diabetes drugs I take.

  2. never thought about that with the masks... that is stupid!

  3. The lady with the nails is probably single-handedly responsible for the transmission of H1N1. Do you know how much bacteria must lie in those gnarly nails?

    You're right about the box of masks!

  4. sucks you had to go to the ER. but the finger nail lady is WOW!
    I went to the doctors yesterday and all the doctors, nurses, and reciptionist were wearing foot covers, white scrubs that covered them head to foot, white gloves, face masks, and masks covering the hair (thicker the a hairnet)!! I got out of there as fast as I could.

  5. I can imagine all the paranoia in the ER. It's like a bad TV movie some days in these places. Sorry I didn't play along this week. I was busy literally "churning butter" for my first grader's experience of colonial times. Boy, was my arm tired!! Happy Sunday Angela!

  6. Nice blog! You have a beautiful family...all three of your boys! :)


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