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Time for Friday High Five!

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5 things I love to hate about Facebook

5.  The addiction!  I love to know what is going on unless you are one of those that let's me know each time you wipe your butt.  If you are this person, then please seek professional help for your addiction and diarrhea of the mouth.

4.  I get to communicate with out of town family on a regular basis and am somewhat clued in to their life.  I also like catching up with true friends from high school that I haven't seen in ages.  I can't believe I graduated 15 yrs ago....just saying that makes me feel old!

3.  I hate the people that just want more friends!  I went to a large high school, in fact, I believe it is the largest in our state.  I could be wrong so don't quote me.  College was not a big adjustment for me when it came to size....alcohol and freedom maybe but not size.  My college actually seemed smaller than my high school.  That said I don't know everyone I graduated with by any means.  I get friend requests from people that I graduated with but never even knew.  Seriously, half the time I don't even recognize their name.  I "ignore" their friend request only to get repeated requests.  I say to the monitor, "I don't know you!" then respectly "ignore" them again.  A few people have sent me countless requests and I am beginning to believe they are just trying to "up" their friends numbers.  Ugh!  Stop don't know me and I don't know you besides chances are we will never speak because we don't know each other except for the fact that I know when you wipe!  Funny to me though really since I love talking to my bloggy friends and we have never met.  I feel though that they know me well enough through my long winded posts to chat with me!!

2.  I love getting feedback from my stupid interest lacking status reports.  Ex:  my current status is......"Angela is just statusless!"  Intriguing I know but you gotta love the feedback!!

2.  We are going to add a second number two because I actually have another "hate" but we'll pretend I didn't realize it so my high five isn't a six!  Don't want to break my rules!  Wait High Five doesn't have rules.  Babble babble!  Did that make sense to anyone besides me?  Ok where was I.........I hate the people that do every single facebook game, quiz and app!  I don't want my "feed" filled with your invites to two million different apps.  Get off the computer or at least get off of facebook and join.....hmm......blogger.  Since it is a far more acceptable addiction at least in my mind.  I went through a phase where I did a bunch of quizzes BUT that was a war between a couple of friends and a cousin of mine.  You know like somehow some made up quiz actually makes us smarter than one another when we get a higher score!!  That ended quickly when I discovered I might be an idiot proved my genius!

My all time favorite thing about facebook is....
seeing the changes in peoples' lives ~ the good, the bad and the ugly.  There is the jock who you eyed all through school.  You know the one who would only give the cheerleaders the time of day.  I love to see the jock is now fat and married to some "not so hot" girl!  I won't lie it brings me joy!  Sick I know but true!  It also makes me a little happy to know they finally realized true beauty is on the inside.  I also like seeing the jock that still has it goin' on!  You know you do too....well maybe not you Dan!  I also like to see the diva from high school is fatter than me and now they understand the "big girls".  This might be just a "big girl" action!  Vain I know but true!  You all know you do the same thing! I love seeing school friends with lives similar to mine or different from mine.  I love seeing their children and wonder if they too will be friends in school.  I hate the "frenemies" that all of the sudden want to be your "friend".  I believe they are just trying to snoop into my life soooooo......I snoop myself FIRST.  Boo yeah, gotcha!  I confirm their friend request snoop around then delete them before they realize I even confirmed in the first place.  You all know you do it too!  Welllll......I hope so or I sound truly psychotic.  If you don't, then let's pretend I didn't say that and move on!

Angela's Adventures


  1. Get well soon - and try not to pass it to us too! {*grin*}

  2. Everyone tells me to join Facebook. I do like the idea of keeping in touch with everyone. I hear that it can become addicting. I know that I'm addicted to blogging so I wonder if I can handle another one :)

    Feel better Angela! Happy Halloween!

  3. OMGOODNESS! ILOVE YOUR LIST!! I wanted to write totally agree with you Number 5 and the I read 4... All the way to you one!! Great post! Love the Second #2!!
    Happy Halloween! Are you dressing up???

  4. It's just plain vindictive to gloat over the changes in the old snubbers. But I suspect we all do it. {*grin*}

    One non-gloat is when you see those who were nice to all go down that path. I always think of the girl who was the ultimate in teenage sex symbol and cheerleader in my youthful eyes. After high school she danced in a topless joint, worked as a stripper, and then went through a decade of hard drug addiction. She is now is unrecognizable and makes her living as an exhibit in a traveling show. I don't feel anything but sadness when I see how her life has gone (on her sister's facebook page, so the real depths are obviously elided).

  5. that is a great idea! Snoop then delete! I hate when people friend request me that I was never friends with. I usually ignored them but this one guy used to have a mad crush on me in hs. Now he talks to my 18 yr old sis. Grr... anyways he kept on keeping with the requests. finally I accepted then hid him. thats my fave function: "Hide"


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