Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yes, I am married!

Yes, Hubs knew about the date and was ok with it!

No, we are not in an open relationship!

The younger man is taken too!

We invited his girlfriend BUT she was out of town so it was just the two of us at the park on a WONDERFUL fall evening!

Hubs took Elijah to the TU football game along with his football team and their families.  I was footballed out!  Yes 'footballed' is a word!  The team got to go out onto the field and even made it on the 10 o'clock news!  Woohoo!

I decided I needed a night out and I found the perfect young man to join me!

He is a little hottie!

Irresistible in fact!

Yes, he is a little stubborn or headstrong like myself but again the irresistible part took over.

He didn't have money since he is jobless but I offered to pay.

He has a few minor obsessions and I catered to them all!

Here he is the much younger man I dated for one evening

 I know, right!  I am one lucky lady!

Parks are his fun obsession.  We went to "his" park.... just the two of us.  All of his birthday parties have been at this park so he has claimed it as his own.  Not many little boys have their very own park!

He's a real swinger! lol

The next stop is his favorite obsession of all.....ICE CREAM!  We went to Braum's and out of all of those flavors he still picked his trusty favorite - "baniwa" or vanilla as we know it!  This kid loves ice cream.  I hardly ever buy it since welllllll I love it too and I will eat it.  Meme always have "baniwa" ice cream for him but we went to the ice cream store....just the two of us!

After one scoop of ice cream and one for the road.....I know "sucker" right.....we went to Target to check out the Halloween costume aisles which totally sucked by the way.  They normally have like four aisles of just costumes but this new Target just had one aisle.  ONE for kids and adults, seriously Target you are letting me down here!  We walked through ALL the toy aisles where he claimed to want "all the boy toys and no girl toys" for his birthday.  I said, "ok!"  The boys know I don't just buy them toys everytime we go to the store so both of them ask for everything for their birthdays and I say yes!  They won't remember by then and don't realize how far away their birthdays are.....if they only knew how close Christmas is!!  Hey it works with no begging and no tears!  Then we went home and I must admit I still got it.......I totally wear out my dates!

He didn't even make it to his bed and crashed about 5 minutes after we arrived back home!  A perfect ending to a perfect date with my little man!

Cheaper Than Therapy


  1. How cute!!!
    You're a very lucky lady, sounds like a perfect date!!

  2. Your little man is so cute! The park and ice cream - a perfect setting for a fun date!

  3. What a cutie! I bet he had a blast hangin' with mom by himself.

  4. So, so cute! What a very special time you got to spend with him! Something he will always remember!! Happy ATWT!!

    Oh and Hook 'em Horns \m/

    Ok sorry, just had to through that in there!!!

  5. You are ONE LUCKY LADY! He's absolutely ADORABLE!

  6. That was SO cute! I love how he completely conked out at the end.

    Based on the photos, I'd say the date was a smashing success. I'm pretty sure you should ask him out on another one.

  7. That a a HOT date! I'm so sorry his dwirlfwiend couldn't join him. Looks like it would have been a fun time....and em.

  8. What a great day you had! Love the pictures, especially the ice cream face :-)

  9. Aw, what a great date! I love the one where he is coming down the slide with his feet up!

  10. Stopping by from Cheaper than Therapy. You've got a lovely family!


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