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5.  Wal-martS!  Seriously!  Have you ever seen an S at the end of a Wal-Mart sign?  NO!  It is Wal-mart NOT Wal-MartS!  The lady across from me apparently works for Wal-MartS and is having an issue accessing some paperless check thing on the computer.  She is talking to her supervisor very LOUDLY I must add and has said, "Do I just type in my walmartS dot com?"  NO BECAUSE IT IS WAL-MART!  She is seriously typing Wal-martSSSS!  Good grief!

4.  "I am!"  I hate it when I ask Elijah to do something and he says.....I AM!  Instead of Yes Ma'am or a simple ok would be great for me!  I especially hate it when he says I am and is NOT doing anything!  Hubs does this also....ugh!

3.  I can't stand hearing about someone hating their job right now!  I totally understand that feeling but seriously in my situation do you really think I am the one you should be complaining to?!?!  Suck it up and be glad you have one!!

2.  "I'll call you back!"  This is fine only if you intend on actually calling back.  If you have no intention of calling me back, then don't tell me you will instead just say talk to you later.  This is ok from time to time since I completely understand getting side tracked and busy but ALL THE TIME....UGH!!

When I lose something, NEVER ever ask me where I put it! 
Hubs does this all the time! 
Don't you understand that if I knew where I put it then it wouldn't be lost!
I know I have mentioned this before but it happened again!
I lost my keys....again....actually I didn't
It went a little something like this......I asked Hubs to get my keys out of my pocket on my pants that were on the ironing board.  Hubs tells me they aren't in my pants pocket.  We begin to look and look and look when he keeps asking me where I put the keys.  I keep telling him I put them in the pocket of my pants and now they are gone.  He then does his classic, "Well I guess they just walked off or suspiciously disappeared" crap.  I said, "NO I put them in my pants pocket!"  He says, "I've checked your pants three times and they are NOT there!"  We seriously looked forever and even woke Isaiah up to see if he had played with them.  No luck!  He gives up and goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth.  I then grab my pants only to hear, "I told you I checked them three times!"  I said, "Well this will be MY first!" Sure enough the keys WERE IN THE FREAKING POCKET OF MY PANTS like I said they were!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I just should have looked the first time instead of asking him. Then he swears they weren't in there when he looked.  I guess they just spontaneously reappeared!!  Darn magic keys!  There he goes using those MAN EYES again......if it isn't in his line of sight, then it is gone or non-existent.  Never ever lift or move anything for fear you might actually find it!

Angela's Adventures


  1. The Wal-Martz are coming to take you away hey-hey
    The Wal-Martz are coming to take you away
    Oh, never mind - I'll call you later.

  2. I always follow up on my job rants with "well, at least I have a job." I dont think people understand the high unemployment rates right now.

    And I really hate not being called back too!

  3. I hate when someone says that they'll call you back without any intention of doing so. I also hate being asked where I lost something. My husband will do that to me every time.

  4. I am LOL at this whole post especially the wal*martS

    okay i am idiot! of course i remember you and that you live in BA my brain just is not functioning properly forgive me please

  5. That is such a pet peeve of mine when people say they'll call and they don't. My husband does that ALL the time from work and then doesn't call. I want to kill him!!!

  6. Oh boy. Don't even get me started on someone asking me where I lost something when I lost something. :)

  7. More than I hate "I AM" I hate "In a minute" Not cool, not cool at all!!!

  8. Oh my. I'm sorry I'm giggling here reading your post. It's only because I can definitely relate. Especially with your #1. But the "Wal-marts"- ROFL!

  9. This is funny! I haven't yet heard the walmarts. I can't believe someone actually call it that!!

    And yes the call you back thing bugs.


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