Friday, October 23, 2009


PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Kelli
Last week the kids were out of school for three days.  Besides pumpkin painting....that's a whole other story.....we went to the zoo with my friend Tammy and her son John plus I also took Avani and Addison along. 

Am I crazy?

I believe so after this!

Of course, I took plenty pictures of animals but I got some really good kid shots then I played on Picnik so that is what you are going to get!! 




Except for this cute little guy....
I didn't play with this picture but I like this picture because he kept checking me out through the corner of his eye as if to say, "Are you lookin' at me?"




Our usual "Monkey see, monkey do!" picture at the zoo.  I don't know why I always take so many of these or why I love them so but I just do!

Sweet little Addison!  I love this picture!  It appears that she is looking at something but I think she was getting bored since we stayed by the otters for awhile!  Then after I shot this she did......

What a beautiful two teeth smile!!
I swear her eyes just light up!

Then came the funniest part of the day. 
The kids were looking through the children's petting zoo when Tammy and I said, "Oh kids look over here!  You will have to look really hard for this one!"  They looked, searched and pointed out non-existent animals when they asked what exactly they were looking for to which John reads the sign beside them, "It is a temporarily vacant!"  They didn't have a clue what that meant so they kept looking while Tammy & I snapped pictures and laughed!!

Then came the traumatic portion of the trip!  The zoo was full of bees.  By full I mean they were overtaking the place!  Everywhere you walked there were bees especially if you walked near a patch of flowers or a trash can.  They would just land on us like they were welcome.  This made me extrememly nervous since Avani is allergic and we forgot her epipen and by we I mean her mother!  I could see it now either her struggling to breath or a scene out of Pure Luck with Martin Short but only Avani's face swelling like a balloon.  I took lunches and sat down at a table without bees swarming around......or so I thought.  I get the kids all arranged then sit down to feed Addy when I hear screams.  Then Isaiah screamed like I don't think I've ever heard him scream.

Picture this:  Isaiah screaming while Avani, John and Elijah scream and run in all different directions.  I am trying to figure out what just happened and Addison with the rest of the zoo guests look at us like we have totally lost our minds!  All of this while Tammy is inside buying food for her and John.

I figure out a bee stung Isaiah on his ear!  Poor kid and those ears!  I try my best to calm and organize with absolutely NO luck!  Bees still swarming, kids still screaming, Isaiah wailing, Addy and the zoo guests are still looking at me like we've lost our minds.  At this point, I think I did!  I scream at the kids to get their food and go inside while grabbing a screaming Zay and trying to push Addy in the stroller. 

Did anyone ask me if I needed help? 

Nope not one single heartless person!  Jerks!
Let's see you be calm with 3 scared kids, 1 wailing in pain and 1 in a stroller still looking at us like we are nuts.....five count them FIVE KIDS and one me!  I was totally outnumbered and should really think of this BEFORE an outing!  I WILL REMEMBER THIS....SURE HOPE YOU HEARTLESS JERKS DON'T GET STUNG TOO BECAUSE I AM TAKING THE LAST TWO TABLES INDOORS!

Finally once inside a worker asks me about the commotion and calls security and medical over to check on the bee sting boy!  He cried and cried and just when I thought he would be ok he would let out a scream then cry some more!  I seriously wondered if he would even let me put him down long enough to get to the car if needed.  Finally after 30-45 minutes, we coaxed him back outside with...."When a bee stings you, it dies.  All the other bees see this and will never sting you while you are here because they don't want to die too!" 
Total crap but it worked! 
 "Please Lord, don't let him get stung again or I will never hear the end of it!" 
Yep I prayed right after lying to my son!

He wore a light jacket with a hood and let me tell you this.....that kid wore the hood the entire rest of our trip at the zoo and held it with his hands so NO bees could get in!  I didn't tell him they don't always sting ears and could very well just stink him in the face because remember "all the other bees aren't going to sting him"!  Just when I thought he was over it and would let go of the hood.....he would grab it again 2 seconds later....poor guy!  Still cute though....


Don't you think so?
If you don't, then don't answer!!

Finally time for pics with the turtle....

The boys were a little uncooperative but Avani my little model posed and posed..
and of course I played around on Picnik again....

They even have a "Go pink!" effect for Breast Cancer Awareness month!


We had a good time and the weather was absolutely PERFECT!
PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Kelli


  1. GREAT photos Angela-I have never used picnik-is it as easy as photoscape?

    Bees,screaming kiddos yep sounds like a day at the zoo-I cant believe no one offered to help! If I would have been there I so woulda made my husband help you

  2. Great pictures. I'm sorry to hear about the bee sting. Reminds me of when my daughter kept telling me there was a wasp in her play tent. I looked and didn't find it. Then she got stung. I felt horrible.

    But the same girl played through an entire quarter as goalie after a bee sting and didn't tell anyone until she came off the field.

  3. Another great series of photos! Looks like a fun time. Sorry about the bee attack. Last time we were at the zoo, we had a similar experience. They were so aggressive. I had screaming kids at times. We had to cut the trip short.

  4. beautiful pictures, beautiful children - hope the ear's ok!

  5. Oh my goodness, that was a zoo adventure the likes of which I've never heard!

    You're a brave momma to take on the zoo with five kids. Poo on people for not helping you!

  6. Good time of the year to visit the zoo - except that it is the time of the year that the bees and wasps are out doing their last foraging in preparation for the cold.

    People tend to be a bit recalcitrant to help or offer to help and I've never quite grasped why. It seems so inhumane not to offer to help.

  7. Oh my God those kids are gorgeous!!!

    Poor kid and that bee sting!!! Is it better now?

    I love the zoo!


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