Thursday, October 15, 2009


Angela's Adventures

Time for Friday High Five!

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5.  Housecleaning........I clean and clean and can never totally catch up.  My cousin's husband hired someone to clean her house while she went to Mudd Lake to visit with MckMama.  Although I think I too would panic a little at the thought of my things not being where I want them but then I think again and say BRING IT ON!!  So the plan instead of actually cleaning the house is to somehow become independently wealthy real fast then go on a trip to ohhhhhh......ANYWHERE......then after mentioning James' sweet gift to Janelle Hubs will hire a housecleaner to do the work for me.

Chances of this happening.......ZERO!

4.  Bills........along with the last option this will only occur if we become independently wealthy really quickly like so fast that money just flies from the sky!  That would rock! 

Chances of this happening......ZERO right now but possible once I find a job!

3.  Scrapbooking......oh how I miss scrapbooking.  I love it and am far behind again!  You would think I could have caught up at least halfway with all my "free" time but somehow all my "free" time gets bogged down with kid errands, cleaning, cooking, Hubs errands, friends and family errands!  I used to scrap at night when everyone else was sleeping alas that has fallen to the wayside.  I wish I could get my girls together to scrapbook again since we always have so much fun.

Chances of this happening......if I could just find the time this minor feat is highly reachable and fun!  I think I'll begin this weekend in fact!

2.  Painting.......I have been wanting to paint the boys bathroom cabinets and the kitchen cabinets all summer.  I have also wanted to repaint their bathroom walls - same color just fresh coat.  I want to put a fresh coat on the hallway and repaint a new color in the entry way.  I LOVE to paint!  Love love love to paint!  Again I just haven't found the time! 

Chances of this happening.......If I could just have one weekend, then I could get most of it done.  Two weekends and BAM!!  If I had a couple of Hubs/kid free days, then well okay maybe I wouldn't get much painting, scrapbooking or cleaning done BUT I would catch up on the DVR, rest and girl time! Chances of that happening......ZILCH!  Where was I?   The painting could be done I just need some time well and maybe more paint which would require money for paint and a job for money so highly attainable just not right this moment!! ha!  Worked my way out of that one just right!!







I would blog about just about everything if I could just suck it up and go back to my old internet provider.  I am still holding out as if somehow this is hurting them!  ha!  Yeah right!  The only person this is hurting is me!  Ugh!  I have so much to blog about and so little internet time here at the library.  I spend most of my limited library internet time applying for jobs, looking through emails in response to applications, reading others' blogs and trying to keep up in responding to comments.

Chances of this happening......HIGHLY LIKELY IF I COULD JUST SUCK UP MY PRIDE AND THE FACT THAT I SAID I WOULD NEVER RETURN TO THEM NO MATTER HOW MUCH I MISSED THEM!  Originally, my thing was "they don't rule the world"  I can find someone just as fast only way cheaper!  What I didn't realize is they do in fact rule the internet service in my area and I haven't found anything else that is comparable in speed or anyone that even services my neighborhood for that matter!!  I found several who are way way cheaper but alas they don't reach to my house.  Ugh! 
Suck it up Angela and make the call! 
Chances are this will eventually happen because I think I could just DIE!!  I just miss you all so much!

Angela's Adventures


  1. You are welcome to come right over and clean and paint here. I'll wait.

    Oh and bring money - I could use that too.

  2. I really do miss scrapbooking, too. Oh, those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end. We'd sing and dance, forever and a .....let's all sing along. Maybe soon!

    BTW- yesterday Q was watching tv & Hannah Montana came on. She said she couldn't watch it, because if she did- she'd have to kiss I. Did I miss out on a conversation they had last weekend??? What does HM have to do with kissing?

  3. I miss scrapbooking too, I just bought a ton of stuff last weekend so I think Ill start up again

  4. I wish that it was all just a "gift"....but it may have a little to do with me not being the world's best housekeeper. I am naturally the temperment of one who likes to conserve energy...conserve for what you say??? Oh...maybe sleeping or blogging...they both take so much energy. ;o) No but really...he knows that when I get overwhelmed I shut down...and that having everything clean and in it's place would motivate me to keep it that way. ;o) So far so good. Love you!

  5. you better get to some scrapping. I want to see what you made next week!

  6. Don't you hate to be stuck in between a rock and a hard place?

  7. I have to make a to do list too! I envy all those scrapbookers out there. It looks like so much fun :) We need to paint here too. Happy Friday Angela!

  8. Angela- Make the call! I'm just echoing you. The library is just not as convenient. Look at how you could be cleaning or scrapping in between blog visits, etc.

    Am I helping?


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