Monday, January 28, 2008


Some of you I usually talk to have already heard this story but I wanted to share it to those of you I don't get to talk to because everytime I even think of this story I have to laugh. The day after Christmas we left for a vacation in Atlanta. We left a day earlier than expected so we could split the 12 hour drive into two days to make it easier on the boys and to have time to stop and see different things along the way. Well we left later than originally planned on Wednesday and we were trying to make it to Memphis but it was getting late and Martez and the boys were ready to stop. I saw a sign for gas and hotels like Comfort Inn, Days Inn etc. at the next exit and asked Martez if he wanted to go ahead and get a hotel there since I had to stop to get gas anyway. He said sure whatever. Well we get off the exit and immediately after the exit it is pitch black. The immediate things like the little gas station and the Waffle House were lit but that was it. I decided to drive further to see if maybe the hotels were back behind everything since the only hotel we saw was "The Rat's Nest". Martez said, "Where are we? It is really dark. Let's turn around!" I said, "I think we are in North Little Rock because I just saw a police car that read NLR and that is the only thing I can think of." We then saw an old beat up truck designed to look like Mater off the movie Cars and that made the boys perk up. So I said, "Well let's at least go get gas then I'll ask." I stopped at the gas station and went in to go potty then when I came out I was standing on the corner of the sidewalk while Martez finished pumping the gas. I had been driving so I didn't feel like getting back in the car so I just stood there waiting. A girl starts walking across the parking lot from the neighboring Waffle House and this is where the good part begins.
She says to me "Chocolate's in there!"
I said, "What?"
She said, "Chocolate's in there!"
At first I am thinking: I know I am a big girl but that doesn't mean you have to tell me they have chocolate in Waffle House especially since you are even bigger than me!! I was getting offended!
I said, "What are talking about?"
She then says, "Chocolate is in there looking for you!"
I nicely reply with "Honey I am not from here and I certainly don't know any Chocolate so I don't think he or she is looking for me!"
She says, "Oh I'm sorry you look like Alicia and you are on her corner!"
Martez responds with a panicked yet calm voice "Get in the car and let's go! Chocolate is a pimp name if I've ever heard one!!"
OH HELL NO!! Now I was even more offended!! She wasn't telling me about the chocolate in Waffle House because I was fat but because she thought I WAS A HOOKER! Wow I know I was dressed in lounge wear set for a long drive but I didn't know I looked like trash standing on a street corner! It is all I could talk about for awhile just so offended she thought I was a hooker!! Needless to say I drove almost the rest of the way to Memphis before stopping again. Memphis is yet another story in itself. Memphis is by far one of the trashiest, nastiest, just plain ole dirty cities I've ever seen!! More about that later!! Until next time America.................

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