Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Today is Elijah's 6th birthday...wow! It seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant and in complete shock! It seems like just yesterday I found out I was having a boy and bought every outfit known to man! It seems like just yesterday I was 6 mos pregnant having my gallbladder removed and scared to death he wouldn't make it through the surgery but my little soldier boy stayed strong! And it seems like just yesterday I was in labor then had an emergency c-section because his little butt wouldn't cooperate - still having problems with that!! It seems like just yesterday I brought him home and never wanted to let him go! I can still remember the first time he ate baby food and the awful face he made when I would feed him carrots. Sometimes I would just give him carrots so I could get a good laugh - sick I know! I remember the face he used to make when he would poop and crack up to this day when I walk in the bathroom while he is pooping and he is still making that same face! I remember the first time he crawled, walked, talked, or climbed into our bed. I also remember when he first crawled out of his crib and then he wouldn't stop. Because of my fear at his method, which was to get halfway over the rail then just let go and fall to the floor, I instantly went out to buy him a big boy bed. I remember his excitement when he got his first big boy bed in the shape of a car and how much "help" he was putting it together. I then remember having to crawl into that oh so tiny and hard bed at night until he got used to staying in it or after he had a bad dream. I appreciate especially now while potty training Isaiah that Elijah was potty trained in about two weeks and soooooooo easy (no such luck with Zay). We were in awe at how he could identify cars at age two. He gets that from Daddy! It seems like yesterday we took him to Sea World for the 1st time and now he is still in love with Shamu and all Ocean life. I will never forget the day my grandfather who used a cane gave Elijah his own wooden cane just his size that him and Isaiah still use to this day whenever they have a booboo on their leg. I am amazed by his memory. His Great Grandfather who he calls Papa Cane died right before Elijah turned two and he will tell us stuff he remembers and we are shocked. He remembers things about the 1st trip to Sea World and tells stories still about it even though he was just 2 1/2!! I remember everything about this little boy of mine! He is sooooooooo good, sweet, kind, and grateful. Then he turned three - wow things sure changed! I remember we were in San Antonio when Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter died and he was so sad. He had been obsessed with Steve Irwin and crocodiles for a very long time. He watched the memorial and was crying not because Steve Irwin had died but because he felt sorry for Bindi not seeing her Daddy anymore. I still think that is sweet! He then decided "Steve Irwin's spirit wanted him to be the next crocodile hunter" sweet but not quite the danger free job I am hoping for! I remember the fear Elijah had that I had to have his baby brother in a hospital but I cherish the smile and love Elijah had for his new baby brother. He was jealous at first but he was always really good with him and even though he gets angry from time to time I still think he handles Isaiah with care. He loves animals, cars, dinosaurs, and sports like most little boys but I love, love, love that he is still my baby and still loves to curl up in my lap. Don't get me wrong he is ornery and don't expect him to be anything but grumpy before 10am -hmmmmm.....where does he get that- but he will always be my baby. He is the one that laughs at my jokes, sings his heart out to the Little Mermaid soundtrack with me, likes to create his own art while I scrapbook, dances around with me and hosts the Cullom cooking show while I cook dinner! I always call him baby and once about a year ago he said, "I AM NOT A BABY!". I explained to him that I knew he was a big boy but he would always be my baby and I understood that he didn't want to be called that anymore. His reply, "Well you can always call me baby but no one else!" I will always remember that day! I remember how he would always say "I love you 18, 19, 20, 90, 100 millions!" and just smile from ear to ear as we competed to see who loved who more!! I remember the fear in his eyes when he had to get stitches in his forehead but how he was a little trooper! I can't imagine my life without him and I am amazed at how much he has changed me for the better!! I thank God everyday for my boys even though somedays I pray for sanity and patience! I can't believe he is six and I know I will say that every year but it is true - they grow up so fast! It literally feels to me that I just had him! I remember every moment "like yesterday"! One day I won't be able to remember so I scrapbook to remind me of all the little moments as well as the milestones because I never want to forget those times. They are only little once! My New Year's resolution this year is not to lose weight like it always is although I am going to but rather to enjoy my children and have fun while being the best mother I can because I want them to remember me as a good, fun, loving and nurturing mother not just a disciplinarian!

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