Saturday, April 19, 2008


I guess I made my decision and I must say for now I am happy with it! We brought home the Boston Terrier on Thur. the 17th! I sure hope I don't regret this. We decided to wait about two years then get another Great Dane when the boys are a little bigger and we will surely have a larger house by then. We decided "Martez and I" could wait for "our" dog and let the boys get something they can play with outside that won't run them over by accident. I feel bad though like I am acting like Daisy wasn't all that important and I am merely replacing her but then I think well you can't replace DAISY WITH A BOSTON TERRIER so that is a crazy thought!! I also thought it will be easier to add a Dane to the mix later. The first night was truly scary. Moose, our English Bulldog, was determined to EAT the new puppy. Seriously he attempted many times to eat his head. We could not put the puppy down and even holding him in our laps was a feat because Moose was still trying to attack him and drooling all over us. That is truly disgusting! Yes, Mel I was gagging!! Samson must know how unsure I was about this decision to bring him home because he hasn't had an accident yet in the house OR in his crate, he has slept all night in his crate WITHOUT crying and he hasn't been hyper!! Yea for him - I'll let him stay! Moose is fine as long as the puppy doesn't move - ha! Seriously though the puppy can only walk. If he tries to run or make any sudden movements Moose pounces him like a little rat!!

Until today that is when we finally heard Samson bark, I think he got tired of Moose always up his butt so he turned around yapped a little and Moose looked at him in total disbelief then turned around and walked off as if he had been hurt. Losing Daisy has been hard on Moose which is another reason we needed to get him a friend. He didn't eat for days after her death and honestly I don't think he had turned down a meal since birth. He has never met a food, toy, slipper, flip flop etc he wouldn't eat! He has lost weight which needed to happen anyway. Now he gets on the couch and to this day he licks where she always slept as if he can still smell her and misses her but that just grosses me out. So hopefully this will be a pick-me-up for him if he
doesn't eat our new family member!

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