Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today was Isaiah's spring Music/Spanish Program at school. Now normally my children do not do well in musical programs. For instance in all of Elijah's programs at WEE he would just mouth words and yawn about a hundred times. I think everyone thought he never slept! Isaiah on the other hand would just sit angry, cry for me or yell when I would watch him. This surprises me because he has always loved noises and music but I guess he doesn't like people to watch him. Well today he was playing all of the musical "instruments" and singing only the parts in which you were supposed to yell! He is such a wonderful yeller! Must be from earlier hearing problems and everyone always having to yell at him to be heard!! His way of payback! He was so cute not really singing words but giving cute little sheepish grins instead unless it was time to yell. Then came some preschool song that went like this......"driving in my truck, driving in my says go and red says stop" this is sung while walking around pretending to be driving then everyone stops at "stop". Amen! This song is going to be right up his alley. For those of you who do not personally know my boys.......they LOVE vehicles. Elijah could name makes and models of cars by the age of two and that is NO joke he followed Daddy's obsession and took it ten steps further!! It used to be funny because it would freak people out when they didn't believe us so they would drill him on cars driving by and always get about 90% correct!! That's my boy! ANYHOW onto Isaiah! Everyone at WEE absolutely loves Isaiah - he has them all FOOLED. Get this: they think he is cute, sweet and funny which yes he is but he is also a BAD ATTITUDE, YELLING, HITTING, CRYING DADDY'S LITTLE BOY!!! They were singing this song and walking around pretending they were driving and all of the sudden one of the moms says, "what is that noise?" Another one said, "Is that grunting or growling?" I reply with, "That noise is my son! That is his car imitation that he does about 95% of his waking mobile moments!" It was so funny because he would be making his car noises then they would all have to stop and when they would get to GO again he would make a "peeling" out noise. Cute and funny for others!! You see he makes car noises all the time: out riding bikes, playing with cars on the floor/couch, walking, running, walking down aisles in the grocery name it he is VRRROOMMMM it!! It is really cute to others but not so much to me anymore now I am just annoyed! It is like a low key growl, grunt except for moments of intense breaking or fast take offs! Lord help me! Send me a child that will play quietly with a doll!

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