Thursday, May 10, 2007


I have joined the workout world. In my desire to lose weight, I have come to either a standstill or a lack of will to go on. I have only lost twenty pounds that came off easily and then it just stopped. I decided unlike every other time in my life I am going to succeed if it kills me. I am not going to let one bad meal steer me back to my old ways and give up, I am going to keep on and do better at the next meal! However with the standstill lasting awhile I have decided to exercise. Crazy me I guess I thought I might be able to lose weight without the dreaded task! So Friday I started. I walked on the treadmill and lifted weights! I am hoping to have my arms looking better in the next three weeks for a wedding in Tennessee! Notice I said better not buff! It isn't looking too promising yet because the only change I have noticed is the immense pain that comes with anything I do. I would love to wear sleeveless shirts sometime this summer!! Saturday I went to workout but alas they close early on Saturday and Sunday so they were closed when I arrived! Darn!! I resumed torture on Sunday much to my dismay! Monday morning was hell trying to flat iron my hair then I had to do the order by hand at work yet again and I thought it could be the end. I am not giving up!! Monday night I worked out again. Three out of four days so far is awesome for me! Well as I was walking on the treadmill I had the perfect view of a class in a mirrored room. Oh how I loved it!!! At first my thought was I could do that. They were listening to dance and hip hop music doing a type of upbeat exercise similar to a lot of dance moves. I love to dance! I decided to watch this class and see if I could do it. So I treaded on and watched! Oh my I could never go in there. What if people watched in amusement like I did!! It was freaking hilarious! There were a couple of girls who could actually do the moves and that was it! There were the young girls who probably don't need the exercise they just enjoy it so much - the little freaks! There were the girls trying their hardest and looking okay. The athletic types who are probably working out five freakishly long hours a day anyway! THEN there were the dying birds! The women that made it extrememely hard for me not to laugh out loud. They had flat, broad butts, not too overweight, older with absolutely no movement in their hips, they couldn't figure out the footwork and their arms plus you know in their minds they were questioning the music since it was loud hip hop and pop...........! Oh the arms I am starting to laugh just trying to decide how to describe them. They were just flailing like a bird hurt midflight trying to regain its flight while spiraling down like a torpedo to its death on land! Oh how I loved to watch those women! Oh how I could never ever join that class! I can dance but I don't know if I could hold back the laughter so I wouldn't get kicked out! I will just continue my routine of the treadmill and weights for now and make sure I am there with a prime spot to watch the class every monday!! I went to workout again tonight and must say it isn't that bad once I am actually there it is nice to finally have some "me" time!!

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