Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I know they say to enjoy your children while you can because they grow up so fast and I am trying but it seems like mine are aging faster than I would like. It literally feels like I was just pregnant a few months ago with Isaiah or maybe it is because of the extra weight I carry!! Hehe! Can I still use "I just had a baby" as an excuse for my weight? Is it time to let that excuse go? Ahhhhh! It seems like just yesterday I was saying this was it no more for me because of the whole c-section ordeals with both of the kids but I have caught the itch. The itch to have just one more or is it the realization that I am done that is bothering me. Do I really want three kids to take everywhere I go or do I just want my baby to be a baby forever? I miss my babies! Please tell me two is still a baby! I know logically my children are not by any means grown and at five and two they still depend on me but I miss the little baby moments and I really would love to have a baby girl. However I think a baby girl would bankrupt us! Seriously they have so much more for little girls that I would probably go nuts!!! My whole family would go nuts since there hasn't been a baby girl in twelve years. All of the girl grandkids are older and we miss the little girl times. Well Isaiah turned two today and is a completely different child since the surgery. He is saying or attempting to say everything he can. Now I will have two non-stop talkers! If he talks even half as much as Elijah then we are in trouble! He has been so different from Elijah. Elijah was easy going, calm, polite and talkative while Isaiah has a really bad temper and just stayed silent, whined or yelled everything until now but I guess you have to yell if you can't hear. Well he still has a temper and yells but at least we can understand it now! Now that he can actually hear I just have to teach him about his temper and the yelling. Fun! He has been a sickly child and I hope that has all ended and we can just worry about what he is getting into instead which doctor he has to see today! There is really no point to this and I am rambling now but I just find it so hard to believe my babies are two and five. Now I am going to attempt to shove them into a bottle so they can be young and cute forever and never get into trouble! Yeah right!

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