Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Well Friday I hurt myself somehow while trying to put detergent in the dishwasher. Cleaning can be dangerous!! I thought it was my sciatic nerve and thought I might die. It hasn't bothered me since I was pregnant, thank God because that is painful! Well Saturday we woke up and sorted through the junk in the garage then endured three hours of soccer with absolutely no shade. My arms and a vee on my chest were burnt. Instead of coming home and resting I decided I wanted to plant flowers. Four and a half hours later when I could no longer move or sit without pain I decided to stop and resume the next day. Well Sunday I woke up early to finish planting my flowers since I only had half of one bed to finish for now. It took me two hours because the pain was sooooo bad I had to call Martez out several times to help me off the ground BUT I was not giving up! I fininshed the flowers then had to get ready to go to the zoo since that was the original plan for Sunday afternoon and I didn't feel like listening to everyone if we didn't go. I figured it wouldn't be that bad since I would be walking and that didn't really bother me. It was bending, sitting, leaning or getting up that hurt. Then I realized getting in the car was extremely painful as well as driving!! I made it through the zoo okay but I was ready to go home and sit with an ice pack! On my way home I realized I forgot to use our four free zoo passes that expire on the 24th and no way am I going back before then!!! Brilliant I tell you!! I got home and the house was really stuffy and hot. The air conditioner was broke and our house was 78 degrees. I panicked because Martez was driving his dad to Hominy and I did everything I knew to do and it only made the house hotter. Now it was 80 degrees! So I decided just to sit in my comfy little chair and relax but once I sat down at home there was no getting up! SERIOUSLY I could not get out of my chair! I was in tears just trying to attempt the mighty feat!!! THEN the remote control wouldn't work and I had to watch ESPN sports because I couldn't get up to change the channel without crying. Martez fixed the air conditioner when he got home - just one of the many reasons I love this man!! Monday rolls around and I go to work looking like a hunchback so my dad decides to give me a muscle relaxer telling me it will help my nerve pain. NOT!! It only made me loopy and giggly but killed NO pain. Monday afternoon I went to the chiro and the lady says "What did you do hurt yourself then plant your flowers?" She was joking but shocked when I said "Yes actually I did plus I cleaned the garage, watched soccer and went to the zoo!" She said "Remembering how you feel right now, tell me how smart you are!" She is lucky I couldn't move!! Just kidding I like her and she just knows me too well. My high tolerance of pain should have told me when I was stuck a couple times in my yard to call it quits but I didn't! He fixed me!! I still hurt but NOTHING like I was and it is bearable. I guess I dislocated my hip and pinched several nerves then my muscles reacted to the new posture I needed to live with the pain! How smart am I?!?!? But at least my flowers are planted and beautiful! I'll just have to wait to finish the other flower beds and do the mulch - I HATE the mulch part!

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