Thursday, May 03, 2007


Elijah is playing soccer so I guess I am the ever dreaded soccer mom now! Ha! Anyway one of the mother's was asking how Isaiah was doing and when his surgery was so I answered her (we've known each other for awhile) then I got the third degree from another woman. She acted like it was a competition to see who had the sicker child and she drove me nuts. I mentioned the RSV deal and when everything began and she went on to tell me her son had RSV at an even earlier age - so! Her high and mighty tone killed me and she wasn't involved in our conversation to begin with. Then I mentioned his ear infections and the fact that his surgery was to get tubes and have his adenoids removed and she got snotty and replied her son had his removed at seven months. I tried to show her some sympathy and act like I cared but don't ask me why he is having surgery if you don't really care to know. I know there are many children in worse situations than Isaiah but that doesn't mean his problems aren't serious to me. Really my son may have permanent hearing loss and she was worried about proving her son was worse off when he was Isaiah's age! She acted like no one's problems mattered because they didn't compare to hers. "I don't care and don't act like your issues are the only ones that matter" kept running through my head!! Her ranting and raving went on for quite awhile and I eventually just blocked her out. It wouldn't been so bad if she wasn't soooooo rude about it! Her son who is now Elijah's age seemed fine to me as he played soccer! Well I saw her today in drug warehouse while picking up a prescription for Isaiah who has developed an infection since the surgery. Again the competition resumed! She asked how the surgery went and I told her good and mentioned what the doctor had said and that now two days after the surgery he has an infection so I had to pick up a prescription. I kept it short and sweet with as little details as possible for her to compete with. Then it happened: Apparently her son had the worst adenoids ever seen by an ENT in the US and he developed an infection only one day after surgery instead of Isaiah's two days. I was really getting annoyed! Who gives a rat's a**!!!! She went on and on how I was lucky Isaiah wasn't as bad as her Griffin. WHAT? So I replied, "Yeah I am so lucky my child hasn't been able to hear or talk correctly, has had a runny nose every day of his short little life and has had 10 ear infections in 11 months along with diarrhea and diaper rash due to the array of antibiotics he's had to take. You win okay you have a sicker child than I do! Are you happy? Now leave me alone I really don't give a rat's ass because this isn't a competition and if you want sympathy it is between shit and syphilllis in the dictionary!!" The pharmacy staff just starred at us totally clueless then said that'll be $30! Melanie would be so proud she told me the sympathy phrase but I never thought I would be angry enough to use it and I probably shouldn't have but I loss all filters in that moment. I probably shouldn't have got so angry but it has been two weeks of her crap and just the way she says everything annoys me! Well it should be really interesting at the soccer game on Saturday. Hopefully she will decide not to sit beside me like she does every week.

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