Friday, August 14, 2009


Angela's Adventures
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5. Pictures, pictures and more pictures!!
4. I get to get OUT of the house for about 2 hrs on 3 nights a week for practices!! Generally, last year I didn't enjoy practice but after 4.5months of unemployment and 3 months of summer home with the children MY OUTLOOK HAS SERIOUSLY CHANGED!! SERIOUSLY folks if I am willing to sit in 100 degree heat to watch kids practice football!
3. I missed all my football friends. We got really lucky last year and had a drama free football family. We all get along so well and LIKE to spend time together!!
2. I love watching Elijah do something that he both enjoys and excels at......I love that kid!! It amazes me how dedicated he is at such a young age but he really LOVES playing. He has been talking about football season all summer. I can't even begin to count how many times this boy has watched his DVDs of last season in anticipation!!
Most of my day consists of me saying, "don't hit, stop running in the house, quit teasing the dog, stop fighting, Isaiah quit whining, I'll get you a drink in a minute, Isaiah quit crying, take a shower, stop running in the house, Isaiah quit whining, stop fighting, I am fixing dinner, stop fighting, you are not going to starve, Elijah for the final time GET IN the shower, quit running, quit fighting, quit yelling, don't touch each other, look at each other in fact let's just all go in different rooms for a little while" in between being a referee, doing the dishes, cooking the next meal or starting the next load of laundry. ALL DAY, EVERYDAY I HEAR: boys fighting, boys jumping on beds, boys running through the house along with "MOM, Isaiah did ......(insert one of the many things he does in a fit of rage)......OR Mommy, E-why-jah did.......(insert one of the many things Elijah does to torture Isaiah)......Mom I am hungry, Mom I am thirsty, I am bored, can I go outside, can I ride my bike, why don't you work anymore........" Oh the misery!!
SOOOOOOO......was I excited to start football to spend 2 hrs. with my girls?
Beyond yes!!
I my group of football moms. We all get along. We laugh and talk and

Angela's Adventures


  1. "Politics is applesauce."
    Will Rogers

    Please check out:

  2. I was beginning to wonder if you were still around. {*grin*}

    I love that football is back because there might finally be something worth watching on TV!

  3. Football season is a blast! My boys are excited to start watching the games. I know you'll have fun. I definitely understand needing adult conversation:)

  4. Im not a fan of football but Im totally excitd for you!!

  5. I don't miss football practices!

  6. I love football and am sure I would love it even more if my son were playing it!

  7. ahhhhhhh....enjoy your outings!!!!!!
    i am looking forward to football weather.....tired of it being hot!!!!
    have a great weekend!!!!


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