Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Good news all!!
We went to the orthotics appt for Elijah and hold your breath.............
his "special" shoes appear "normal"!

I know, I know!
How vain!
Remember though it is only because I didn't want the special shoes to cause him problems at school with teasing. It was rather interesting and the lady was the sweetest when I approached the "normal" shoe issue. She said, "Well he is so handsome and I know he doesn't probably want to sport the chunky all black Velcro shoe so I am going to get him a normal looking shoe."


She then proceeded to hand the catalog to Elijah so he could pick out his shoes.


Not a move I would've made but luckily he picked out the pair I liked too without me saying a thing!! That's my boy! I taught him well! The shoes appear to look like a VANS skater kid type shoe which is way better than I imagined in my head. They are mainly white with a little bit of blue. Hopefully, they will truly resemble the picture once they are made. The shoes will be ready in two or three weeks complete with removable longitudes and arch supports that we can insert into his football cleats.

All was good until she then informed me that although insurance would completely cover the cost of the shoes, the shoes are over a $100 and the inserts are a little over $200!
Are you freaking kidding me?
My seven year old boy picked out a $350 pair of WHITE shoes.

After that little bit of info, I promptly said, "How long will these last and how often will they buy him a new pair?" She said to take him back to the orthopaedist in December since the insurance will buy him a new pair of orthotics in January. Phew! Wow!

Needless to say, if the dog eats this pair of shoes it will more than likely die!

Hopefully he will have the shoes late next week and begin his healing process!

Oh and I can't leave out this little tidbit.....

The place we went to get the shoes is a prosthetics and orthotics facility. While leaving our room, a nurse was putting another patient into the next room. The man had a mainly metal prosthetic leg. Isaiah looked straight up at him and said, "Are you a robot?" The man said, "No but are you a robot?" Isaiah never being one to hold his tongue continues with, "Well no I am not a robot but if you aren't a robot then why do you have a robot leg?" He must have sensed my complete embarrassment because he kindly explained his situation to the boys and told me I shouldn't be embarrassed. He would rather kids ask instead of stare in case they encounter a child with a prosthetic leg. He let them touch his leg and told them they shouldn't be scared of people with metal legs. They thanked him and we left. The entire way through the rest of the office and in the parking lot Isaiah was muttering to himself, "He IS a robot! I want a robot leg too! I bet he has robot leg super powers!" Out of the mouths of babes!!


  1. You better put those shoes in a special, laser guarded case when he's not wearing them! I'm glad that he likes them and that they look cool. Cute about the robot powers. Kids are the best, aren't they?

  2. okay..two things I would kill my dog if he ate those shoes and the robot leg thing made me laugh out loud. Too cute, too funny.

  3. Why do kids do that to us? lol That is one expensive shoe!

  4. HORRAY!!

    Thats great that that man was so nice!

  5. I'm glad his shoes came out better than you thought--I totally get you for wanting him to be able to have "normal" looking ones. And don't you love what comes out of the mouths of our kids? That man seems super cool :o)


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