Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Without the Internet, I didn't even know I missed Sisters Day.

The first Sunday in August in this case August 2nd was Sisters Day.

Well according to Hallmark it is August 7th BUT it is not! It is the the first Sunday of August but we are celebrating NOW I am now here to tell you about my sister's and would love to hear about yours!

I only have one biological sister and then two brothers; however, both brothers are married and their wives are also my sisters.

Lisa is my biological sister and one of my best friends. I can tell her anything and she won't judge. She is a beauty and I spent most of my childhood resenting her for that beauty that got her so much attention. She was always the favorite growing up and it irked me to say the least. We are six years apart and fought CONSTANTLY. It wasn't until we grew up that we ever got along. Funny how that works! I love to spend time with her and we can talk for forever. We can tell each other anything and cry on each other's shoulders. We joke that we don't have many friends but then say we are just picky!! It is not the quantity of friends you have but the quality. I know if I ever needed anything she would be there to help me any way she could and I for her!

Karen is my sister-in-law. Is it odd that I feel weird saying that since she is more like a sister to me? I am the youngest of four children and she is married to my second oldest brother. My brother and Karen started dating when I was six, I think, and have been together ever since. I joke that she has known me too long for us not to be close since she knows too much about me. I love her to death and again I can tell her anything. I also joke sometimes that she regrets calling me since I start talking to her then NEVER SHUT UP!! She's just too easy for me to talk to!! She is funny, dedicated, smart, witty and loving. She has home schooled all three of their girls which amazes me since I honestly believe that is something I just COULD. NOT. DO! In a few weeks, Curt and Karen will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and it is just odd to me that I can remember their wedding day like it was yesterday. I can remember the birth of all three of their girls and cherish all my memories of growing up spending tons of time with Karen and the girls. She is my sister in every sense of the word and I love her but I must add she STILL scares me a little when she drives!!

Carolee is married to my oldest brother Rob and they have two boys. It wasn't until the last year that we really had much of a relationship. In the past year, we've become close. I regret all the time I wasted not understanding all of her because of misunderstandings. I regret that it took this long for us to be sisters but I am glad the day finally came. I love her! I am there for her and ache for her as she goes through a tough time in her life. I have felt her pain well not her pain but that type of betrayal and it is not easy. In fact, it is one of the toughest to overcome as a person. Keep her and their family in your prayers!!

Melanie is my other sister. I have known Melanie for...........wow I don't even know!! She worked at the family business starting in.......1991.....I think? She is HI-LAR-I-OUS! She knows me better than most and likes me anyway. She is so much fun! We can be having a serious conversation and be crying then burst into laughter. We share everything....the good, the bad and the ugly. She is sarcastic (an important family trait), honest, dependable, funny, caring, devoted, funny, loving, sincere.....did I mention she is funny!! She is so much like my family that we just had to make her honorary family. How much of an honor that is......I am unsure!! ha! I love love love her to death! Her and her alter ego Megan!!

Most of my other friends are my sisters too! You know, the friends you have for life no matter how far apart you are, the amount of time between visits and the ones who are there NO matter what. I have many of those too but we are about to leave and I have to end this post so I will have to add them later!!

NOW it is your turn tell me about your sisters and link up so we all can share.....


  1. ooooh cool beans :D I'll definitely link up with ya here inna lil bit...but...


  2. I couln't live without my computer! I could probably live without cable.

    I have never heard of sisters day, but I'm going to join in.

    I can't remember, did I tell you I have a award for you? Just look for the post on being the queen.

  3. I have a wonderful, caring sister and three fun loving sisters-in-law. We all have a great time laughing and hanging out. Hooray for sisters and my girlfriend "sisters" too!

  4. Thanks for informing us on Sisters Day. I was totally unaware of it also. I have a great sister that I'd like to showcase, Amy. Check her out at: http://girlfriendsgetreal.blogspot.com &

  5. That is wonderful! Horray for sisters! Ill have to come back and sign your Mr. Linky

  6. I loved that post. It was so awesome to read your feelings about all the sisters you have in your life! You've inspired me...I'm going to blog about mine!

  7. awesome post!!!!!!!
    it is so nice to have people like that in your life!!!!!!
    i have never heard of sisters day?!!?!?!?
    would love to join in but am not sure how to do the linky thing yet!?!?!?

  8. Ok, you started a trend! After I blogged about my sisters, one of them blogged about us also! I'm looking for the chain...


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