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5. Hubs is always good for a laugh! Yes I laugh at him but once I explain why then he normally laughs too! He was doing something and although I don't remember quite what it was I do remember him saying, "Is this to your saterfication dear?"

What response comes after that but, "MY WHAT?"

Looking at me like I'm an idiot he sounds it out, "SAT-ER-FI-CA-TION!"

Looking totally bewildered I respond with, "I'm sorry baby but I don't think that is a word."

He says, "Are you SATERFIED?"

Of course, now I realized what he was trying to say and respond with non other than LAUGHTER BUT he laughed too once he realized what he had said and how he thought I was an idiot in the moment!! NOW I use it often and by often I mean daily in conversations with him!!

4. Last week while getting ready for Elijah's meet the teacher he storms into the bathroom while I was showering yelling, "MOM I BROKE MY PANTS!"

I said, "Ok I will look at them in a minute. I can't fix them while I am in the shower."

He responds with, "I'll just stick them in a Wal-mart bag so we can drop them off at Meme's. SHE can fix them."

A little offended and determined to be the hero I said, "No just set them on the counter for right now." I hoped it was something minor that I could actually fix!
Luckily, the "broke" part of the pants was just a button. I got out my handy dandy sewing box which only sees the light of day......oh.......NEVER! I had to be the hero remember!! Elijah says, "Mom, how are you going to fix them? You don't have a sew driver!" Sew driver.....isn't that too cute!!

They were amazed with all the finds in the sewing box and in awe of my mad button fixing skills! Phew.....good thing it was just a button!!

3. Sunday morning Zay crawled into bed with us and said, "Momma, my leg armpit hurts."

I said, "Your what hurts?"

He said sounding as if I was stupid, "MY LEG ARMPITS. You know the part behind your knee." Hubs tried to correct him to which I promptly said, "Just let him be four!"

2. Last night while getting Zay out of the tub he says, "Momma are you going to work tomorrow when I go to school."

I answered with "No Baby. Momma lost her job."

Looking sad he said, "Where did you put it? I'll help you find it."

I started to tear up then chuckled and gave him a well deserved hug. He continued with, "Why would you lose your job Mommy? Don't we need work to make money? Why do we need money?"

I said, "Welllll we need money to pay for our house, our cars, food, pet food, water......." when he interrupted with, "and McDonald's Mommy! Don't forget McDonald's!"


Then he became concerned about leaving me alone the next day, "Momma what are you going to do tomorrow while I go back to stool? You will be all alone. Maybe Chaitra tan tome over and watch you. Let's tall her!" (Remember he uses the letter T for the "ka" sound.)

Angela's Adventures


  1. I am constantly ammused by what your children say!

  2. Leg armpits. Too cute. Had me laughing out loud.

  3. saterfication
    specification + satisfaction
    he was onto something (or ON something, haha)
    Kids say the cutest things, write them down so you don't forget. I guess that is what this is, a diary. Duh.

  4. Must be a guy thing, but when he said leg armpits, I was thinking somewhat higher up that the knees. Oh well.

    Enjoy the fun - once they get into the teen years, the sense of sarcasm often hides the humor for a while.

    (And glad to see you found the internet this week!)

  5. How cute! I love "kidisms"! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Leg armpits is a funny one! This is a hilarious friday high five today, Angela!


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