Thursday, August 20, 2009


Time for MamaKat's Writer's Workshop Wednesday.
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I can't get her nifty picture up because I am at the library and this computer has issues! Have fun!
1.) What will you be doing now that the kids are back in school?
(inspired by Michelle from Honest And Truly)

Hmmm.......let me think!
Running around the house completely naked!
Sounds like fun!
In fact, I think I may dance around a little too!
Ok ok so I probably won't do that......using probably VERY loosely here...but it is great to know that I CAN IF I WANT TO!!
Hmmmm......I will probably still be doing laundry and cleaning BUT I won't have to clean the kitchen 10 times per day since they ARE GONE!!
LOVE the kids buttttttt WOOHOO!!!
I will revel in the silence.
I will not be the referee and hear 500 million questions for at least 7 hours per day!
LOVE my boys butttttttt WOOHOOHOO!!
I will eat in peace.
I will go to the library in peace until my Internet at home is finally up and running THEN I will blog in peace.
I will run countless errands without complaining children and telling them to please hurry ten times before they decide maybe I am serious!
I will go on lunch dates with my girlfriends without children.
I will not hear "I'm bored" 50 times a day!
I will be able to read a few less books on dinosaurs, reptiles, amphibians, animals, cars, planes, trains........and read WHAT-EV-ER I WANT!
I will spend an hour each morning dropping off children.
I will spend two hours picking up children. Man that sucks! I hate the pick up routine!
I've admitted I am not cut out to be a SAHM because of the whole "stay at home" portion of the job. After 4.5 months at home with them DAY IN AND DAY OUT
I will probably just be
lonely and bored
.............while dancing around naked!

2.) Things I have learned from my toddler.
(Inspired by Big Mama Cass from The World Through My Eyes).

Marbles and beans will in fact get stuck in your nose causing panic and the necessity of an extraction team complete with extraction tools

Crying over EVERY LITTLE THING is seriously annoying and can cause severe bouts of insanity.

Being the youngest sucks (although I knew this from my childhood) and you always want to be big but can never seem to catch up because you will always be the baby!

New shoes make you jump higher because "the jump in the shoe is not worn out"

Selective listening is essential to life in order to not "hear" Mommy telling you to stop so you can get the extra jump on the bed or the extra punch on your brother

Jumping on furniture must be fun and ALL sense of "knowing better" flies out the window along with any and ALL listening skills

Trouble is thy middle name

Bandaids cure all

I love being told "I wuv you berry much Momma. You are my best Mom ever!" over and over again and it never gets old.

Hugs and kisses are essential to life


  1. Sounds like you will be having a great day! I can't wait till all three of mine are in school so that I can eat at least one meal in peace!!

  2. Sounds like you're going to have a grand ol' time when they go back. Sweeeeet!!

    Stopping over from Mama Kat's :)

  3. mmmmm maybe this being at home by myself all day thing won't be so bad after all. I forgot that I could dance around naked. lOL

  4. as annoying as they can be those 3 little words can melt your heart can't they!!!!!!

  5. Have to agree with you!
    Have fun dancing around naked - I will NEVER know what that is like! LOL! :)
    And yes "the I lub you mommy" NEVER EVER gets old! :)

  6. You say it like it is :) You make me laugh so many times! I wish we lived near each other so I can visit you once in a while. I know you would keep me smiling with your bright perspective on life with kids.

  7. The school year sounds fun for you!

  8. Don't tell your hubby about the running around naked part or he will quit his job and chase you around!


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