Friday, August 28, 2009


Angela's Adventures

Time for Friday High Five!

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5. My nephew Nehemiah's first football game.

4. A swim birthday party on Sunday

3. My nephew Logan's first football game

2. Spending time with my sister between two of the games


Elijah's first football game!!!

Our Championship boys are back and hopefully they will have another successful football season but we all like to see them play the game they love no matter what.

Angela's Adventures


  1. Tonight is the opening game for high school football here. I suspect I'll battle the mosquitoes and go watch - in a month or two it'll be well below freezing and snowing and I might resort to listening on the radio, but for now in shorts and and a tee I'm up for it.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend for you Angela. Hope you have fun at the games and with your sister! Happy Friday!

  3. I love your Friday High Five! Have a super weekend! :)Thank you for visiting my blog. I love yours as well--I bookmarked it. :) tina


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