Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I mentioned awhile back that my cousin Kris is now a father. The baby was nameless for a bit and just remained nicknamed baby Nug until they decided to name her Paisley Rose. She is so cute. She looks just like her daddy....poor thing!! just kidding! Anyway I promised pictures and here they are.......

I think he may like her!!!

A hat to cover the hat head from many hours in labor or should I say waiting!

So alert!

This is when she said my name! How sweet!

Isaiah loves babies and was very excited plus he doesn't like me taking pics of everyone but him!

Proud Pops!
This is my Uncle Russell and his newest granddaughter.

my Uncle Russell with his son Kris and Paisley

My cousin Cassie (Kris' sister) and Starr with the baby

Time to get cleaned up and she was not happy but her cry was so so so tiny and cute! I told her she would definitely need to work on a louder cry so she'll wake Mommy and Daddy. Aren't I helpful!!

It came time to wash her hair and like any girl getting her hair washed she instantly calmed right down!

Awwww isn't she cute!!

Then Brandon brought up his and Cassie's daughter Reagan soooo I had to take pics of her too!!

Reagan and her Uncle Kris


  1. What a gorgeous and alert baby, and those parents look so happy (as they should). :) Congratulations!

  2. my neighbor just named her newborn Paisley too! What a coincidence!

    She is really gorgeous!!!

  3. So adorable! Paisley is a beautiful name. Everyone looks so happy. Isaiah is getting bigger too. I can tell from his photos week to week. He'll be a heartbreaker someday. Of course, Elijah and Tez are probably stealing girl hearts already:)

  4. What a drop dead gorgeous family! That new daddy can't stop grinning! And I do love the name Paisley!

  5. Great name! She does look just like her daddy. Everyone looks beautiful.....and how did you stand it with all the beautiful babies in one room??

  6. That is soo sweet that she already knows how to say your name! Awww! She is a doll!!! Kinda makes me want a little girl! (NO!NO!NO!I CAN'T SAY THAT!)

  7. No concerns about her being loved! Congrats.


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