Thursday, September 17, 2009


Angela's Adventures

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5 why don't they tell you this before you have kids.......

5.  They will be active until the absolute last minute to go to bed.  They will never WANT to go to bed.  Once in bed they will continue to chat, tickle, jump, pinch and argue until you yourself want to cry for YOUR Momma!  They will want just one more drink, just one more kiss and they WILL have something vitally important to tell you EVERY. FIVE. MINUTES!!  Can you tell we are having issues at bedtime?!?!

4.  They will have to go to the bathroom as soon as you arrive at your destination even if you MADE them go before leaving the house so this situation would NOT occur!!  Always!!  You will quickly learn the locations of every bathroom in your favorite stores or outings!!

3.  You will go to countless outings JUST for them....well and the pictures!!  Sometimes they will hate the outing and making them stick it out everytime because you spent hard earned money isn't always the best answer!

2.  You will wear clothes with milk stains and spit up marks for quite some time and not even care.  You can go days without showering when they are little and not even realize it OR realize it and cry!  You will change countless dirty diapers and once potty trained still have to wipe their butt to make sure it gets clean!  You will do more loads of laundry than you ever imagined!  At some point, when you know they are about to vomit without a toilet or bowl in arms reach, you will cup your hands to catch it and never even blink!  You will call your Mom once that one happens trust me because you will be SHOCKED, grossed out yet still proud!  You can't wait for them to start school THEN you miss them!  You will have to help them with their homework even when neither one of you feel like doing homework!  You have to spell, read and do math with them in order for them to be successful and confident!  You will have to take them to school daily even when you don't want to get out of bed! You will have to sit in the rain during sports practices and games AND still cheer!  They can eat like bottomless pits during sports seasons but will never gain weight.....oh the jealousy.  They will argue, compete and down right physically fight with siblings then love, play and protect them in a matter of moments. 

You will do all of this willingly without a second thought because they are YOUR children and you will love them more than you ever thought possible!  These little things begin to get the nickname "the joys of motherhood" and you wouldn't trade them for the world!

Angela's Adventures


  1. I hear you! Love all of them, especially the last one :) You're right about constant bathroom breaks. They always seem to have to go! Have a great Friday, Angela!

  2. Don't forget the fact that when you have kids, you really have about 20 more with all the friends that hang at your house and go with you on those trips to places you wouldn't have consider a priority pre-kid.

    Nothing like a trip to the museum with 12 8year olds in tow.

  3. Wouldnt it have been nice to be told all that at the onset?

    Do you think that counts as only five? ;)


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