Saturday, September 05, 2009


For some reason I can not get the small talk six buttongs to appear on here. I have tried all three sizes and nothing!! Oh well here it goes......back with my Small Talk Six!

6 jobs I think would be a blast to have
since I have been unemployed for 5 months hmm.........

2. A job where I can have an adult conversation

3. A job that will pay me money......any money

4. A not a stripper or a pole dancer but a dancer......I love watching dancing and often wish I could dance for money but alas I am not that good and well I don't have the body that people want to pay to see!!! lolol I could be a roll dancer!! Oh my that one cracked me know you laughed!!

5. Hmm.......I would love to be a whale trainer.....ya'll know you go see Shamu, get the goosebumps then wish you could be in the water too! Me in a wet suit......NOT going to happen!! Plus I have a slight fear I could be seen as a good meal by the whale! THAT would suck!!

6. I heard google was a great job.....great benefits, nap times, game time and hey you know they make money!!


  1. Yeah, I thought swimming with Shamu would be cool too! But then they would have to get a trainer to train me! I have to use one hand to plug my nose when under water, and ummm...I CAN'T DIVE! That is right! I am 30 years old and I never learned, or was too scared to dive! Belly flop I am awesome at, but pain I don't like. I also can't cartwheel...and I was a football and wrestling cheerleader for 4 years! Splits was my thing! Love ya!

  2. You KNOW you want to be a pole dancer! Bow chicka wow wow. You'd rock! Get up there and shake your money maker!

  3. A friend of mine from college trains dolphins in Hawaii. Seriously. I hate her :D

  4. The pole dancer comment made me giggle! I would be in traction if I tried that. I'm with you when it comes to looking for some adult conversation. That would be a welcome change some days. I agree to watch out for Shamu :) That's one BIG co-worker!!


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