Thursday, September 03, 2009


Tez is at his Mom's now. Long story and when I think I can tell the story without bawling I will.

Zay has been at my Mom's for the past two days. My Dad is out of town and my Mom didn't want to stay alone. Did she ask me to come stay? NO! Did she ask one of my brothers? NO!
She asked for Isaiah to spend the night. Why? I don't know! I know he loves his wait scratch that....he is obsessed with his Meme BUT what exactly could he do to protect her....step on the intruders toes or lay out a line of hot wheels for the intruder to step on......wait that isn't a bad idea. With boys, I have stepped on MORE than my fair share of hot wheels and those little boogers hurt! ANYWAY.....he's been gone and will return after school today much to his dismay. She made me look bad with a trip to the park, shopping AND McDonald's all within 48 hrs...ugh.....she needs to come down a peg or twelve in my children's' eyes but hey I love her too so what am I to do!

This has left us with ONE........YEP ONE child since Monday night!


So quiet!
No fighting, less food to make, no crying, no whining.....oh just peace and quiet!
Makes you wonder.....when did we decide on more than one?
Just kidding!
I love all my boys!
It was really nice to have some one on one time with Elijah and much easier to do his homework without a certain 4 yr old crying that he wants homework too BUT I can't wait to have that certain 4 yr old home so he can tell me over and over how great I am and how much he loves me! I love my kids and I love being a Mom but this was a well deserved break and good for all of us esp after the week we had last week. Can't wait to pick up Zay....he just makes me laugh!


  1. how sweet!!!!!
    i know....we can't wait to get rid of them for a day or 2 but then when they leave we don't know what to do without them!?!?!??!?!
    hope you enjoyed your "quiet" time!!!!!!!

  2. How nice! Enjoy it and then you'll enjoy it even more when they come home.

    until they start fighting, im sure!

  3. I'm jealous! enjoy your peace and quiet.

  4. You should see how I'm almost spooked by the level of quiet in my house now that the boys are in school. It's kind of weird after a crazy summer with them. My daughter is so quiet. The boys are like a freight train :)


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