Friday, September 04, 2009


Awhile back I mentioned I had started the Hot Broke Diet and had lost 6 lbs......

not too long after this I received a few emails asking about the Hot Broke Diet. One reader stated she had looked on the Internet to no avail and could not find anything about the Hot Broke Diet and wished I would share the easy diet.


The Hot Broke Diet isn't actually a diet you would see on an infomercial nor will it ever appear on Oprah unless she thinks I am funny and loves my blog in which case she should email me at which time I could pencil her into my ever-changing, busy social calendar. Oprah, IF you are reading this, then you should know that the former statement is a big fat lie and I don't even have a social calendar. I could be there within hours to reveal my riveting weightloss secret!

The Hot Broke Diet is simply this......


See not too hard if you don't count the hunger pains, no money, high heat and humidity and don't forget the emotional roller coaster ride of finding a new job!!
If you can't buy crap, then you can't eat crap!!!
I ate tuna for one meal per day for a little over two weeks. Many times I just wouldn't eat all day until dinner merely because we didn't have anything I wanted to eat, nothing to eat or I was just too busy and would forget! I would not necessarily recommend this type of diet but it has worked for me and well I really didn't have a choice. The kids gotta eat although I do feel they should tell you just how much they will eat before you have a gaggle of them!! ha! How the Duggar's do it I'll never know? Hey did you guys know she is pregnant again? At least, that is what I was told at football last night in our highly educational football mom discussions. That is one baby lovin' family! Anyway where was I.....................ok so I basically wasn't eating or eating very little. Not recommended! By the third week, I couldn't even look at a can of tuna let alone eat it. I swear one day I opened a can fully intending to eat it when I began gagging relentlessly and had to put it down the disposal. I learned to become more creative with the things I had in my know the things you bought forever ago and never used. I have felt more stomach growling and burning in the past few months than in my entire life. They say that is when you are burning fat so maybe I burned fat but I had no energy. Now I am just eating less! It also helps that since I am not working with my Dad that I am not eating out every lunch with my Dad and sales reps talking us into buying their products. Helps the pocketbook and the waistline! I have lost 17 was 19lbs until Quinlynne's bday party and the first weekend of football!! Looking in the mirror, I do not notice much of a change; however, I do notice my clothes fit differently and I have put on stuff I haven't worn in about a year. I'm sorry if you thought you had found a successful easy program but trust me being broke isn't easy. Depressing, in fact!! I NEED A JOB!! Anyway.........I am not writing this to depress you or make you feel sorry for me in fact I thought it was hilarious that 3 of you were trying to find info on the Hot Broke Diet. It is no longer hot here! Woo hoo! In fact, Oklahoma had an extremely mild summer which I pray doesn't mean a horribly cold winter because I hate cold! I actually wore a sweatshirt a couple of times to football practice in the last week. Sweatshirt in August in Oklahoma ~ I've NEVER seen this happen!! I will not complain about this summer at all because 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s are WAY WAY WAY better than 100 to 115!! Lovin' it!! So I am a little smaller and the temps are smaller so my world is not too bad at the moment....add on a high paying job and I think I could be down right ecstatic!! Wait I should say add on any job and........

On that note, it is cold and rainy today and I think it is perfect nap weather esp now that I have hungry pains and cravings for comfort food..............oooohhhh I want beef stew.........crockpot here I store here I come!!


  1. OMGosh and LMAO!!!! you are to funny!!!!

  2. I am hot and broke and gaining more them ever (darn pregnancy). Only 6 more weeks and I could be one the sleep deprived even more broke then before diet.

  3. HAHAHA People keep asking me how Ive lost weight. I tell them a divorce and being a single mom. Does it every time!

  4. crack me up!!!!!
    omg......tuna makes me gag too!!!!


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