Tuesday, July 14, 2009


You know there are a ton of reality TV shows!

You know there are a variety of weigh loss reality shows.

You also know dancing shows such as Dancing with the Stars or MY LOVE So You Think You Can Dance are popular. Nope I KNOW I can but that is another post.

Recently, Oxygen started the show Dance Your Ass Off which combines dancing and weight loss reality TV.

Personally, I watch it to feel better about myself and pity them b/c the producers put them in skimpy outfits to dance around so we the viewers can gag and laugh at the fat jiggling!! I swear the outfits are for ratings!

It works!!

Seriously, does Ass have to be in the title though.

It is hard enough to find a normal family television show that doesn't slip in the "b" word or any other undesirable word for small listening ears, but now they are just slipping them into the title so you can't even say what you are watching. Ugh.....anywho.......just another show for me to watch during the night........

Do you ever watch The Biggest Loser and think to yourself..."They have to weigh more than that or the TV adds like 50lbs."


Well I DO!!

NOTE: ALL skinny girls should just stop reading this post now since you probably won't be able to appreciate this post as much as my big girl readers!!

NOTE: All big girls proceed with head nodding, mmm hmmms, finger snaps and laughter!

I think being a big girl affords me a better ability to gauge a person's weight based on appearance. Not to say that I am always correct but I have a better eye for weight. Skinny people don't know what 200, 250 or 300 because to them they are all just really fat. I think you have to have been big at some point in your life to really guesstimate weight. I often watch those shows thinking they have to weigh more than that or they are extremely vertically challenged. Then again they don't give height measurements on The Biggest Loser so it is harder to tell. THEN I also look at them thinking, "Wow do I look that big?" I know I am a big girl but dang. First of all you would never see me in a sports bra/spandex combo EVER but I think I might buy one just to see what I would look like!! JUST KIDDING ~ NO ONE SHOULD DO THAT!!! It is like my friend Shan says, "Just because they make it in your size that doesn't mean you should wear it!" I am beginning to wonder if I need new mirrors since picture taking of me is prohibited!! ANYway..........

......the purpose of this post is........

I've been watching Oxygen's latest dance/weight loss combo reality show and a little annoyed with the lies.

There is a big girl on there.

She started off weighing like 275 or 278.

She is 5' 2" tall.

She claims to wear a size 18!


Does she really think we are that stupid?

I am right here to tell you that a woman can NOT weigh 275 and be only 5' 2" and wear a size 18!!


If she was 6 foot, maybe!!

Can we show the tag of her pants please?!?!

If you are willing to dance around in skimpy, fat roll revealing costumes and step on a scale for all the world to see, then why lie about your clothing size!

Crap like that annoys me!

Plus why are the people on this show only losing like 1-3 lbs per week!

In normal everyday life, 1-3lbs per week is good! On a show where you are working out every single day with trainers, working with dietitians for your meals PLUS learning, practicing and dancing a new routine weekly, you need to be losing a lot more weight than that especially considering people with more weight generally lose weight quicker in the beginning. Quit eating out of the cheaters cabinet...you've had your two seconds of fame!!

By the way, I have started the Hot Broke diet.

Pretty easy!

I was excited when I stepped on the electronic scale and it kept flashing "lo, lo, lo". I was all, "WOO HOO I AM TOO SMALL FOR THE SCALE TO EVEN REGISTER MY WEIGHT!!! I'VE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN!"

I thought it was odd since my clothes were not falling off.

Turns out that is what happens when electronic scales need new batteries.

Who knew?

That is a really mean trick to play on a big girl!


I replaced the batteries and I've lost 6 pounds in a little over a week!!

Woo hoo!

I may put some old batteries in the scale again though because the flashing "lo, lo, lo" was exhilarating!!


  1. I definitely agree.....a person of that height and weight could not possibly wear a size 18!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your blog! Cute kids! Your Old 2nd Grade Teacher!

  2. Congrats on losing 6 pounds! That's great :) I agree that there is some dishonesty going on with that Oxygen show. I give those contestants credit for allowing all of America see them get weighed. That has to be an uncomfortable situation.

  3. I am 5'8", barely under 200 pounds and I wear an 18. So yeah, there is no way. :)

  4. Hmmmm? When I weighed 216 at 5'2" I was a 1x which was also I think a 16w? So I definetely think the size is off.

  5. You are so freakin funny I almost peed my pants!! LOL So with you on the A** issue in the title...not necessary! And YOU ARE SO RIGHT...she can't be a size 18! I weigh 220lbs, am 5'4" and I wear a 20/22. CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss!! It's so hard!!! :)

  6. hahahahahaha!!!!!! you crack me up!!!!!!!
    no sports bra and spandex here either!!!!!!
    and you have a good point.......size18.....i don't think so!!!!!!
    i too wonder why some clothes designers think it is a good idea to add plus sizes to some designs......that is a sick joke!!!!! i don't want to see that!!!!!!! ;0) or share anything i have!!!!!!!!


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