Friday, July 03, 2009


So last year Elijah completed level 1 and took level 2 for the first time but did not graduate. This year I enrolled Elijah in Level 2 again and in anticipation that he would breeze through it, I also enrolled him in Level 3 immediately in the next session. Isaiah was going to be a different story. I figured he not want to go under, not want water on his face and not want water in his ears SO he was enrolled in a parent/child class then afterwards a preschool class on his own!


Isaiah did so much better than I ever would have imagined and is turning into a little fish! The first two days he did not want to go "under" which wasn't a problem since this had not even been approached yet. He did good and was happy his betrothed Quinlynne was in his class; however, he did NOT want water in his ears. He has had a few surgeries on them and although the doctors don't care if his ears get wet, HE has another view on this topic. My sister had given me some ear cover headband deals...yes this is the technical name.....which I brought the third day. They look a little something like this......

Of course, we had to share with Quinlynne (1) since she has ear issues too and (2) monkey see, monkey do with these two!
After this was on, we were walking up to the pool and he kept saying, "Mommy I want to go underwater!" Needless to say, I rushed in to dunk his stubborn butt fulfill his request before he could change his mind!

HE LOVED IT! Not apparent in this picture but he loved it!

He wanted to go under again and again and again and I even had trouble getting him to listen to what the teacher and the rest of the class was doing. I didn't mind to much since I was just glad he was doing so well. Quinlynne and Isaiah did so much better than we had anticipated. The GREAT news is they both graduated and will now be in a preschool class without Shan and I which is music to my ears! ONE thing I HATE.......ME IN A BATHING SUIT!! Me........wearing a bathing suit on purpose does not happen too often. On a funny note, the first day Shan had a boob pop out thanks to Q's clinginess and Zay's swim trunks fell down over and over again which actually happened many times that first week. So much so that I thought the four of us might get kicked out for indecent exposure!!
Sadly, I don't have very many pictures since I was IN the pool with Zay! I made Hubs come a couple of times to take pictures so now I can say I don't have very many GOOD pictures. He is new to the picture taking world since normally I am wearing my camera. He didn't stand up so many of the pictures are of the bars of the fence that the spectators had to sit behind. HELLO, stand up!! THEN the remainder of the pictures are of my butt! YEP you read that correctly I now have more pictures of me in a bathing suit than I ever thought possible. YOU KNOW I DELETED THEM! I had to remind him the point of taking pictures of swimming lessons is to get pictures for the boys' scrapbooks NOT MY BUTT!

So long story short.....Zay graduated to the preschool class complete with certificate and sucker. He has become a little fish with no fears which is sort of scary for me. Elijah is now enrolled in his third session of Level 2! They must be offering Level 2 AP classes because this boy can't seem to pass. He loves swimming but I think he still has some fears once he is under. Should've started him at an earlier age I guess?!?! When I talked about it with the instructor in order to get my prior Level 3 arrangements changed to Level 2 again, he simply said, "Well some kids have to take Level 2 three or four times before passing!" My thoughts........third times a charm........he better nail Level 2 on the third try because this is getting expensive! He makes the worst faces everytime he comes out of the water.
The BEST part of the entire story is..................I DON'T HAVE TO WEAR A BATHING SUIT which I believe to be a huge form of TORTURE that goes along with Shan's theory, "Just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it!" during thier next two weeks of lessons and sit to take HUNDREDS of pictures!!WOOHOO!!

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