Thursday, July 16, 2009


Angela's Adventures

Time for Friday High Five!

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5 reasons I went to Springfield for the day yesterday

5. My Uncle's dog had puppies and my sister bought one so we went to pick it up!
3. Adult conversation ~ the four boys played, watched movies and ATE (that is a whole other post!!) while my sister and I talked and talked the whole way there and the whole way back!!

2. To take Grandma to put her jewelry in her safe deposit box. Since the whole tornado ordeal when she broke her pelvis she is paranoid that a tornado is going to carry her and the house away with her jewels in it! Since her bank is right by my Uncle's house I took her there. I listened to her stories about EVERY piece of jewelry. I now know who bought each piece, who gets it when she dies, when she got it and why and what each piece is made the vault was so hot!! The funny thing is ~ she put the jewelry in the safe deposit box but the list saying who gets what and the meaning of the jewelry she is keeping at the house. Pretty much negates the purpose if you ask me but oh well maybe I'll remember just a portion of what she told me!!

I love my Grandma and wish she was right here! Even though I saw her about a month ago and I talk to her weekly, I just wanted to see her and the boys did too! They love their Grandma "Souri" ~ that is what they call her ~ not Grandma, not Great Grandma, not Grandma Bryan, not Grandma Donna but Grandma "Souri" pronounced Zuri since well.....she lives in Missouri. She doesn't mind and I think she kind of likes that they made a name just for her and have stuck with it for so long ~ it makes her even more special.

Angela's Adventures


  1. how special your grandma is and I just love the pictures especially the 1st one. Cherish it! I miss my grandma.

    She used to tell me stories about ehr dolls and who gave them to her and where they came from and gets them after she's gone. THe hardest part now is looking at them one day I'll be smiling at them instead of tearing up.
    stop on by for a laugh

  2. I had to choke back the tears looking at pics of my Auntie Donna with her grandbabies. I miss my Grandma. ;o( If you get a chance in one of your conversations with her, can you ask her about the basketball picture that I posted of them on Facebook? Glad you got to go spend time with her!

  3. Really lovely post and photos about your Grandma! It's wonderful that your kids get to know her so well. I also like #4 on your list. Getting out of the house is my top priority these days with all the kids at home:)

  4. Getting out of the house isn't one of my priorities - having enough time to stay in the house is.

    Enjoy the times with your grandma.

  5. you were only 45 minutes from me! Did you wave?

  6. Wish I had a sister. Loved my grandma too.

    I'm an only child.

    Will try out your high five on Friday.


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