Friday, July 31, 2009


Angela's Adventures

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Sorry this is so late guys but our internet is down and has been for days!
I finally decided I could not take the withdrawal from the internet and am at the library using the computer!

5 happenings of this week

5. We went to a great orthopedist and found out about the "abnormal STUFF" in both of his feet.

4. Isaiah finally had his speech evaluation and will be having speech therapy once a week for 30 minutes. More on that in another post soon.

3. In an effort to save money, we switched cell phone companies. Savings of......$157 PER month!! Woohoo! Go me!! I had the turn off scheduled for the 1st; HOWEVER, I guess it was entered wrong or since I am switching they are mad because they turned it off TODAY!!!!! So I was home with NO technology whatsoever. No phone, no cable and no internet! The shock alone could be life threatening!! I had to go to the new phone company and start the turning on process earlier so I had ANY contact with the outside world.

2. I jumped at EVERY SINGLE PHONE CALL just waiting on the lady to call from my interview. Please call please.....insanity is setting in!


In an effort to save money, we are switching cable and internet companies. SERIOUSLY this is irritating at best!!! The savings will be great IF IT EVER GETS FINISHED!!! Again I had the turn on and turn off dates overlapping to avoid outages BUT the turn on has now been put off for three freaking days!!! I shouldn't complain too much since the cable in two of the bedrooms is still working. Why? I haven't a clue but I am not going to complain about that!! I am just realizing just HOW addicted I am to DVR. I think DVR was created for PARENTS. Watching TV without the ability to stop, pause, rewind is seriously different!! Watching commercials is quite an adjustment too!! I NEVER watch commercials! EVER!! I have the last three days though. I won't lie I have change the channel accidentally a number of times due to thinking I was fast forwarding and actually hitting channel up!! Poor me! Poor poor pitiful me!! NO INTERNET is debilitating at best and alone can cause insanity. I often wonder if I am in electronic withdrawal or experiencing slow painful death by lack of internet, cable and DVR. Is that possible?

My cousin Kris had......wait well HE didn't have the baby but Starr had baby Nug yesterday!!
Baby girl born at 12:26pm weighing 6lbs 1 oz and measuring 19in long; however, she remains nameless and is currently called Baby Nug. I will post about her if I EVER get internet again or when I return to the library since my time on this computer is almost UP!!!

Angela's Adventures


  1. Enjoy getting switched over - nothing ever seems to be on time.

    Weren't you and Hubby going for the diabetic check up too? Is all going well?

  2. Good news about a bright new baby in this world! Always a blessing :) The DVR is addicting. I couldn't live without it:) Have a great weekend Angela!

  3. I went without internet for a day. A DAY. It was harrowing and sad. I hope you find some great deals. That is a huge cell phone saving too! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. that is an incrediable savings! who did you switch everything over to/with? I have been considering ATT...Congrats on the new baby nug!

  5. sorry I'm late sweetie ♥ I totally understand being internet deprived lol I was not a happy camper ;)

  6. so does this mean you don't have mobile to mobile with me anymore?

  7. Wow....157 bucks saved??? I am probably getting screwed by AT&T.


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