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Angela's Adventures

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Last night while doing my "I'll just get on the computer for a second then remain plastered to the monitor for hours before bed" routine, I started hearing strange noises. These are......

5 stupid things I did after hearing strange noises in my quiet house full of my sound asleep family

5. I got up from the computer and proceeded to turn on the hall light hoping sudden light would scare off an intruder orrrrr help him see me better to mutilate me.

4. With nothing in hand except my cell phone proceed to the living room to turn on more lights as if the phone was my weapon!

3. Go into the dining room turning on more lights to help the intruder to see me better again

2. Walk into the back yard after turning on the porch light then back into the house where I discover one of the strange noises is my overweight, annoying, droolinglovable bulldog and his apparently new snoring pattern that is seriously going to put him outside before long. Comforted I had figured out the strange noise, I began to turn off lights and head back to my computer when all of the sudden I heard a noise in the garage. What's a girl to do? Head that way to check it out! WHEN.......


.....upon open the door to the garage, Samson comes speeding into the house and the dryer goes "beep beep beep beep....beep beep beep beep" really loud at the exact same moment to which I scream at the top of my lungs and NO ONE comes running!! See how stupid all of this was......I had accidentally locked Samson in the garage after putting another load of clothes into the dryer and he wanted in and could not see in the dark garage BUT my mind tends to create all kinds of possibilities. How I planned on protecting my life and the life of my family......I haven't a clue!!! Why I thought screaming would somehow wake my zombie of a husband and two sleeping kids to run to my aid? I haven't a clue!

Angela's Adventures


  1. Sounds like a scene out of a movie!

  2. My frightened mind creates all sorts of possibilities too! This is a funny post. I get creeped out by sounds and hunt through the house too. What would I do if I found anything sinister? That's probably why I keep the TV on and hope that I can't hear any strange sounds to keep me up at night. My husband's snoring would scare anyone away:)

  3. Too funny. You made me giggle. I have heard strange noises at night, too, but I have never gone outside. I live in the boonies. Something (crazed animal) might be out there. I can't believe your husband didn't wake up when you screamed! I would have woken Brian up just to tell him.


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