Sunday, July 19, 2009


Man do I feel like total crap!
I feel horrible but I can't help but laugh at myself!
I am THAT Mom!!

Here's the story:

Since Sept or Oct back in football season Elijah kept complaining about his foot hurting. Nothing too bad since it didn't seem to stop him from playing hard enough on the championship team! I wanted to take him to the doctor but every time I would get ready to take him it would no longer be bothering him.

Fast forward a couple of months to basketball season. Mostly his foot would bother him while playing a game but never during practice or any other time. It would hurt then not hurt so again I passed on the doctor. After one game he was in tears at the mere thought of taking his shoe off. I said that is IT you are going to the doctor. I took him home gave him ibuprofen and an ice pack which helped and planned on taking him in Monday morning. He was fine by then so again we passed.

After sports were all over, he didn't complain much about his foot at all. Occasionally he will complain but just wants ibuprofen then he is fine. The plan was once summer started to take him in to get it checked out. Plan averted when Hubs switched jobs and the insurance was gone for awhile plus me losing my job made us pinch our pennies BUT he hadn't complained in awhile.

This week he complained a few times. I made a Sat appt for both of the boys. Isaiah had to get 4 shots and Elijah needed his football physical. SO yesterday I took both the boys to the doctor where I spent 2 hours and 20 minutes. She applied pressure to the area he always says hurts and well it hurt him but movement of the foot did not. She made him walk around then turned his foot in all different directions and NOTHING! She says, "Well I am not too worried about it but I'll go ahead and take Xrays to be on the safe side."

While Elijah went to get xrays, Isaiah got his four shots. He sat up on the table being his strong self saying, "Shots don't hurt. My Daddy takes a shot everyday and he doesn't even cry (Insulin needles are a LOT smaller!) so I am not going to cry either. I wike shots!" At this point the nurse placed FOUR needles on the bed and I thought, "Lord, help me now!" Needless to say he was SCREAMING and saying, "Otay it hurts! It hurts!! IT HURTS! STOPPPPPP!" He continued to cry or scream for 20 minutes!"

At this point the doctor and her scrub dressed skeleton friend come in the room to tell me he BROKE A BONE IN HIS FOOT!! I felt like a heel....pun entirely intended!! I just kept say, "You are kidding, right? Surely he hasn't had a broke bone in his foot for NINE MONTHS! He rides his bike for HOURS EVERYday, climbs trees and never stops being active until it is time to go to bed!!" She did say that the bone that was broke is on the the top and mainly an impact bone meaning he would only feel pain upon impact such as running or jumping on a trampoline. Funny how he never had pain jumping on my brother's trampoline! She said it has healed but there is still a crack and then a bump. She also said the ibuprofen and ice packs probably took the pain away enough for him to continue to be SO ACTIVE and the constant running involved with sports made it more painful versus the movement required for bike riding would not hurt it at all! She referred him to an orthopedist who should call Monday morning. She wants to see if it just healed wrong or if he has a cyst on his bone. SERIOUSLY! She said they might have him wear a cast for a few weeks but she was unsure. This being said she then cleared him for football and just wants him to see the orthopedist! What? Okay!?!?

SO ALL Mother of the year nods should now be forwarded to someone who puts off a doctor appt for their child's hurt foot FOR NINE MONTHS!!!!! Who knew ibuprofen and ice could cure BROKEN BONE PAIN!! NOT ME OBVIOUSLY!


  1. Considering all the physical activity that he does, I wouldn't have suspected that either. I would think that his foot was healed too. You're making me wonder about my ankle. I ASSUME that it's healed for the past two months, but I never got an x-ray.

    Angela, remember your guys will always think that you're the #1 Mama in this world:)

  2. I would of never thought it was broke either.

  3. Never in a million years would I have though it was broken either. Sounds like he is a tough guy anyway. This should give him something to brag about. :) I HATE taking mine to the doctor and never do, unless I HAVE to. So, I can't blame you a bit.

  4. OH no! Well, I let my 2 year old go with a broken foot for 4 days. YEARS AGO! I did the SAME thing...Ibuprofen and ice! Don't worry-I'm a bad mom with you! LOL! :)

  5. oh no!!!!!
    trust me we have all been there!!!!!
    hope it all works out!!!!!!


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