Friday, July 03, 2009


Chaitra called the other day out of pure boredom. She recently accepted a new job where she works 3 nights then she is off 4 days in a row with the kids. NOW she understands my sheer boredom and lack of desire for the stay at home mom gig!! Avani had been at her friend's house and had just come home. Chaitra says, "We are going to have to do some crafts or something with the kids. They are bored. I'm bored. Plus, Paige's Mom did crafts with the girls and she is making us look bad." NOT to be outdone, I quickly head out to buy supplies after looking up various easy crafts online! Avani spent the night Saturday and Sunday AND my nephew spent the night Sunday after we went to go see fireworks. Because I obsess about my kids matching for outings for fear one will get lost and I can say, "he is wearing this...." showing the other child AND I like them to look good in pictures for their scrapbooks they were so cute and easy, we made........

Go here to watch the how-to is even easier than it looks!!

We used red matte, blue matte and gold sparkle fabric paint on white shirts. It was really easy and they made them ALL by themselves except I made Logan's since he was not there that night. It was cheap too! Hobby Lobby had their $2 tees 50% off, the paints were 99¢ then 50% off and the chenille stems were 77¢ at Dollar Tree. SO for around $6 they made four cute custom fireworks shirts to wear Sunday night at Rockets over Rhema.

Woo hoo! We and by we I mean "I" will not be outdone!

Visit the Rockets over Rhema post to see them wearing the shirts!

We also planned to make some hats! WE meaning I ended up making the hat and I wasn't real impressed. I ended up cutting the straws to make it look better. It was.....hmm.........well only making one should be a clue! It wasn't necessarily hard just tedious for the outcome. You are more than welcome to go here for the instructions and try it yourself. I should have tried a different hat but I already had most of the supplies for this one so I caved.

Here is Isaiah's after alterations:

After all my work he only wore it for this photo then went to play and the dog ate it.............

Then I came up with these little cutie patootie sunglasses for Zay! I just used leftover 4th of July streamer and revamped a pair of foam sunglasses with the ever crafty stapler!! Although he appears less than enthused, he loved them but was over the whole "photo shoot" and ready to go play.


  1. What fun, creative ideas! I'll have to borrow them for my crowd. All the photos look cute. Happy 4th!


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