Friday, July 03, 2009


For the last four years, maybe more, we have gone to Rockets over Rhema. It is FREE FUN AT ITS FINEST!!! It isn't normally held ON the 4th so we end up with more than one fireworks show each year. Here are the rugrats in their cute handmade matching fireworks shirts:

Adorable! We got lots of compliments and of course Isaiah had to say each and every time, "I made it all by myself!"

First it was off to the police car and firetruck!

They all climbed in the back which made me say, "WHOA you better NEVER ride in the back of a police car! Climb in the front!!

Then we did a LOT of ..........
....WAITING in line to......

Then it was over to the car show......
My Dad would love this car!
Then over to our seats where the kids played on the playground until....... was time for the fireworks!
Those are ....

..their feet threatening to kick my son in the head!
My niece Monika and her boyfriend Josh 2
Then off to the car where we sat for 45 minutes waiting to get out of the parking lot! Not my best moment! We finally made it home at 11:30pm and all four kids FINALLY fell asleep at 1am!!


  1. Great photos!!! Looks like you all had a great time.

    I was going to let you know that, yes, we did make those bags here at Surcee's. You can call to set up a girl's night out. They have different crafts each month. =)

  2. What a terrific way to celebrate Independence Day! Fun for everyone:) The fireworks photos are cool!

  3. This looks like good old-fashioned fun! Love the firework photos!!

  4. Your fireworks pics are awesome!! I love Isaiah's glasses and shirt. We were in Edmond and Yukon this year. :) Happy Belated 4th!!!


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