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5 things that made me feel old this week

5. Little man said something hilarious and by hilarious I mean truly laugh out loud belly laugh funny. My instant thought was "oh I HAVE to blog this". I washed the boys then walked ten steps to the computer and completely forgot what he had said. How did this happen? Kids suck the brain cells right from you while in the womb ~ this is the only answer I could come up with! I tried asking the boys and neither one remembered. How did this happen? They sucked up my bad memory brain cells...poor little guys! It is weird though because I have the memory of an elephant!

4. I am trying to decide whether or not to return to school and take up radiology. Long term/future wise ~ a better financial decision BUT while walking up to the school and seeing all the youngsters my mind kept saying, "Go can do are only getting information!" My stomach and bowels had a completely different outlook on the situation. My thoughts went a little like this........What will I wear the first day of school? Why am I so out of breath just walking the campus? Will I pass out before I reach the front door? I can't wait to get a cool backpack. Ooooo I want a laptop! Will I make friends? Will everyone call me Grandma? Do I really care what they think? Do I have time for this crap?

3. After my third visit to the college, I finally talked to an advisor who appeared to be half my age!

2. While talking to said advisor I had to ask: I went to college back in 94-96. Will those courses transfer or are they too old? He said, "Let me see that was....{computing years in his head}......FIFTEEN years ago but yes they will transfer!" So I think he just computed the years to make me feel bad. Jerk!
I have to get both high school and college transcripts for enrollment purposes IF I decide to go back to school. The college transcript was easy and took all of five minutes. Good thing I got that since it has all my basics done except one class....maybe two. So then I went to the Board of Education building to find out how to get my high school transcript for college. I think I have a copy but where is a whole other story! When asked what year I graduated, I said 1994. Her response, "Ooooohhhh how fast do you need it? Just call this number and ask for the registrar's office. She will have to go to the storage facility and look through all the archives!"
My sister laughed at this story until I said, "Hey you are 6 years older! Your transcript is filed under ancient history in a museum basement of historical documents!"

Angela's Adventures


  1. I'm commenting now, because who knows if I'll be able to actually see your site tomorrow. Yep, still having problems with that. It must be me.

    I too have felt very old and very tired this week. It must be my approaching birthday.

  2. There will be lots of other students your age. Trust me! I felt the same way. I applied to the radiology program this year, but I didn't get accepted! Now I just have to wait until it's time to apply again. Good luck!

  3. Don't let the age thing get you down. L and I took a dance class at the college here. There was us and our friends T and S, all in our 50s and then there were the 38 other students between 18 and 22. You forget how flexible youngsters are until you are in a class like that!

  4. You'll do great in the classroom again! You have such intelligence and energy to get anything accomplished. You're not old at all. Hey, I graduated from college in 1990, and I'm wondering about returning to school one day. Good luck! By the way, I forget things all the time:)

  5. Hey the year i started college a lady who was 90 plus graduated from UCA! So you are way ahead of the game with going back to school!


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