Saturday, July 25, 2009


Do you guys watch The Great American Road Trip?
If not, you should!
These people freaking crack me up!
You know what is sad.......
I'll tell you........

I couldn't help myself. Within the first five minutes I was cracking up OUT LOUD at how idiotic people can be on NATIONAL television!! It is like when a natural disaster occurs such as a tornado here in Oklahoma. The news stations pick the most white trash person with no teeth and no bra that can't speak anything but "hick" to put on the national news. Thanks! Then all the world thinks "look at those Oklahoma people"! Ugh! Drives me nuts! At least pick someone who speaks like a halfway normal human being!! Where was I........oh yeah the Great American Road Trip! It is a traveling game show of sorts with teams made up of families on a road trip across the US on Route 66 in RVs. Lovin' it! What kind of blogger would I be not to take notes on the irresistible blogging material!

First this week we had the ever so intelligent too cool to cut the mullet Silvio Di Salvatore, his wife Amy and their children from Yonkers, New York. He provides the best material from the cast of families. This week the first stop was Kansas. Silvio hears this news and says to his family, "Italiens don't goooo to Kansas because they have flyin' howses that land on people. Click your heels kids, giddy up!" (By the way there will be spelling errors in this post but they are purposeful to attempt to show how they pronounce words!) Then while reading their travel guide Amy, the mother, sings the Kansas song "Home on the Range" in the RV. Now some people don't care that they sing bad but seriously lady you should not sing on NATIONAL TELEVISION. Wow it was bad!!

The group of RVs is headed to Independence, Kansas. Independence was the home of Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie. Upon each family reading this in the travel guide, each group of children asks "What is Little House on the Prairie and who is Laura Ingalls?" {insert my jaw dropping down to my second chin and a great big gasp} I couldn't believe it! I guess that made me feel old with my 80s childhood. Amie Pollard a mother of two from Alabama cracks me up too. In the first show she was saying "ya'll" and Silvio DiSalvatore was says "yous" and neither one of them understood each other!! Amie is a pretty southern gal with a DEFINITE but becoming southern accent. While trying to explain to her daughter about Little House on the Prairie she says, "Have you ever hurd people when they get ready to go to bed ~ they turn out the lights and say 'good night Jawhnn Boy'? That is from the TV show Little House on the Prairie." {insert me laughing and gasping} When her daughter looks a little confused and laughs, Amie then says to her husband Ron, "Ron was there a guy on the Little House on the Prairie named Jawhnn Boy?" Ron much to my praise says, "NO John boy was on the Waltons!" Thank you, Ron!! Amie then trying to redeem herself says, "Well the Waltons is a little liiike Little House on the Prairie what'd it?" Awwww a little confused but I heart her just the same!!

Silvio and Amy are still my favorites b/c well he is hilarious without even meaning to be or maybe it is just I ♥ Italiens and New York accents! While driving through Kansas, he points out the scenery to the family. "This howse he-a definitely could be hit by a twista or whateva comes out o the sky he-a!" Oh my I love it! He resumes his aimless driving, "Awwll my life I wonted to see Kaaansas n now I'm finally he-a. I get a chance to see a prayrie. Always wondered abowt a prayrie since the song God Bless Americah." I think perhaps prairies aren't that exciting but hey to each his own!! Although funny at times, Sil is disrespectful to his wife UNTIL they lost a challenge where he had to grill a hamburger for the first time in his life. His son was worried going into the challenge saying, "Can I just kick the burger b/c my Dad has never cooked before? We will definitely lose!" Sil follows this by telling the host, "Don't you know I don't do nothing?!?" Amy quickly confirms this statement with, "Yeeeah I do everything!" Anyway they lose the challenge with Sil's plain, dry burger and in his sadness he cleaned the entire RV until he let out another blurb......."My burger lost but my family loved it. Together we stand, united we foll!" Not quite sure if that is the saying there Sil but okay I appreciate the cleaning and you still crack me up!

This show doesn't seem as funny when I blog it but it sure seemed funny at the time! Sorry if you aren't laughing but maybe you should just watch!! They headed into our land here in OK!! They went to the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve then onto Arcadia Lake. I saw "our" land but I've never been to either of those places. :) My favorite part was this.............they sad nothing bad about Oklahoma....yet! They loved the bison and stepped in a lot of poop then ended the show at Arcadia Lake. Never actually seen a bison either except at the Zoo so maybe we should go there too! Nothing bad said yet!! I'll just wait until they talk to some toothless wandering hick before they make it through our state. THAT would be who they would choose to put on NATIONAL TELEVISION!!


  1. We watch that show! My jaw dropped too when they didn't know Little House! Silvio is my favorite. I worked in Yonkers, NY as a teenager. There are a lot of "Silvios" out there. Funny and interesting kind of guys.

  2. I feel left out. I've never seen it. Can I watch it online?

  3. Sounds like a pretty interesting show!

  4. lmao that WOULD be the one they'd put on tv :-) I missed ya girl ♥ thanks for linking up on my first day back ;)

  5. FYI...I am related by marriage to Laura Ingalls Wilder. Cool Huh! James is related by blood, his Great aunt has a family tree that goes all the way back. I LOVE this historical news because I loved Little House on the Prairie!


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