Sunday, July 26, 2009


I have a special request for all my readers.
Not a must but a request!
You will probably like this little tidbit for yourself too once you've done it!

Unlike many of the "big" bloggers which I am not one of, I like to respond to all of my comments. Unfortunately, some of you show up as a "no reply comment @ blogger . com" on your comments when they are emailed to me.
This is a simple thing to fix.
I personally set up an email account at gmail in the beginning so all comments would be sent to an email address and I use it ONLY for my blog. All comments are sent to this email and I respond to each and everyone if they have the email on the comment. Very simple thing to do and I am going to tell you how as simply as I know how.....step by step!

  1. First, go to your dashboard.
  2. Click on the edit user profile link on the left hand side of the screen by your picture.
  3. About 3/4 of the way down their is a blank box for your email. Enter the desired email address in this box. This does not change your sign in and will make it easier for others to contact you on your profile screen.
  4. Save this change then return to your dashboard!

  1. go to the "settings" link (second blue word after the "new post" blue square)
  2. Click on settings
  3. You will see tabs saying "posting", "settings", "layout" and "monetize". Click on the settings tab.
  4. After clicking on settings, many blue words will appear under the settings tab. Click on the "comments" link
  5. Go to the very bottom of the screen where it says "comment notification email". Enter your email address in the box and all comments will be sent to this email address so that you can respond to YOUR commenters too!
  6. (This ONE step is optional but many will love you for it!) Actually while you are here go to the "show word verification on comments" line and click on NO......many people will appreciate you for this!! I for one had word verification boxes and don't worry I have never received spam without the box. If you do, then just turn it back on!
  7. Finally, click on the orange "save settings" box!

Doing both of these things will allow bloggers to respond to your comments and it will email you when people comment on your blog so you can respond to them! Just letting you know since I do respond to every comment but can't if your email is not linked to your account!! If you haven't received a response from me, then you need to do these two things or at least one! The "NO" on the word verification is just a plus for the rest of us!!!


  1. I completely agree. So often someone leaves a great comment, only for me to find that I cannot respond personally to their comment. It seems out of place to go over to their blog and leave a comment there as a followup to their original comment.

  2. I agree. So many times I have typed a response to a comment and then realized it was a noreply.

    Word Verification-grrr...

  3. I love having the option of responding to a comment! I always think it's a treat to receive your emails. I turned off word verification yesterday. Good post Angela.

  4. I like to respond to my comments to. I hate when I type something out and then it goes to a no reply. I make this face-> D:

  5. You are so sweet to think of everyone that way ♥ I have to admit that I only reply to comments that feel like they need a response or ones I feel I want to respond to...when I'm posting normally I gets lots of comments...too many to respond to. My comments do go to my email though :)

  6. hmm... both of my emails were there... I get my blog comments, but Ive never gotten a comment response.. hmm..

    great post! I totally turned off my word verification!


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