Monday, July 27, 2009


I DO!!

My house with the exception of the three bedrooms is wood floors well and tile one bathroom and the entryway.
I love wood floors!
With kids and animals, I am sure the pain of stains would be much worse if we had more carpet. There is one problem!! I hate to mop and wood floors require frequent mopping esp b/c of said kids and animals!

Saturday I went on a cleaning spree and decided to do the mopping two days early due to Moose (HE gets his very own post SOON!) our Bulldog don't want to know! I finally finish mopping all the floors when I put the kids at the table for lunch and say don't get up until I tell you b/c the floors are not yet dry.

Soooooo........Zay proceeds to spill his juice ALL OVER THE TABLE. Elijah instead of telling me decides to "help" and his attempt at cleaning up the mess pushes it onto the scrapbook stuff on the opposite side of the table. THEN he calls for me!! What a mess! I finally get the table clean when I realize the juice went through the cracks of the table where the leaf is inserted and the floor........ugh!! SOOOOO.........I move all the chairs clean up the mess then mop the dining room again!! Done, right?


Avani had come over and in her attempt to pour herself a cup of lemonade she spilled lemonade ALL OVER THE KITCHEN FLOOR AND HERSELF!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO...............I get out the mop AGAIN and proceed to mop the kitchen floor again!! Done, right?


After telling the kids to go outside because my nerves are about to explode, Isaiah decides to water the flowers! Nice, right?


He waters the flowers, the house, the sidewalk, his motorcycle, Elijah's scooter and his entire body within about two minutes!! Normally, this would not be a big deal and I would just change him at the front door BUT instead he tries to hide this little adventure and change in the bathroom. He proceeds to run through the house leaving muddy footprints from the front door, down the hall and into the bathroom. Needless to say I was NOT a happy camper!!!

I told the kids it was time to rest and put them in bed with instructions NOT TO GET UP UNTIL I TELL THEM TO!!!!! I then proceeded to mop the entire house all over AGAIN which now just looks like it needs to mopped again! Ugh!

The moral to this story is ~
I should have never changed my mopping routine and this is why I mop ONLY when everyone is asleep at night!!


  1. LOL ME TOO!!!! so much I've needed a new mop now for over a month and STill haven't bought one. I did make an attempt but when I got to the register it was broke so I left it behind LOL


  2. I hate mopping too! With kids, it's almost impossible to keep up. I wind up doing a lot of housework at night. Sleeping kids are easier to control. Mama gets tired though:)

  3. Kids...gotta love them! haha! I was laughing my butt off reading that.

  4. oh no!!!!!! we have kids and 3 messy bulldogs!!!!!!!!
    what were we thinking?!?!?!?!?!!?


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