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Let's try this one more time!

5 reasons I should NOT have cooked dinner Wednesday night

5.  I started making banana pudding at 2pm so it would be nice and cold.  I must admit I definitely had motive in this dessert choice.  The plan was to make banana pudding for Hubs since it is his favorite SO he would change the air filters.  I was not going to let him actually eat the pudding until after the filters were changed!  This plan failed miserably.  Why?  I forgot the plan!  While he was making a bowl for himself, he also made one for me and well we ate it!

4.  I put boneless pork ribs in the oven next.  I am queen of ribs.  They are so darn good.  While opening the package dated that day, I noticed a hint of a bad smell.  The smell was not strong so I rinsed them then put them in the oven for their hours of cooking.  The longer they cooked the more I could smell death; HOWEVER, when the kids got home from school they walked in and said, "What are you cooking?  It smells so good!"  I thought the smell must be something else.  One of Elijah's friends comes over every Wednesday until his Mom gets off of work.  When she came to pick him up, I asked her to come in and smell.  She responded with, "Why me?  You know I don't cook!"  I said, "Just walk in and tell me if it smells good or bad."  She walked into the house and said, "Mmmmm....that smells SOOOO good!  Are you making salmon?"  Ummmmm.....NO!  Not quite the smell you are looking for when you are making barbeque pork ribs which she confirmed when I told her what I was making.  Time to start a different meat!

3.  I wanted pasta salad and since both my parents and my brother are gardening this year I had plenty of veggies.  I began this early too so it would be chilled before dinner.  I LOVE MY PASTA SALAD!  While chopping up the veggies, I sliced my hand with the tip of the knife right on one of those lines on my palm.  Ouch!

2.  I didn't learn from the first cut not to hold the onion that way and well being the genius that I am I sliced my palm open again right by the first cut!  Double ouch!  The juice from the onion felt great in the cuts too let me tell you!!  Genius, I know!  They are small but killing me still because they are right in a crease where my hand naturally bends.  Ugh!  Can I please get some sympathy here?  I put blood, sweat and tears into this meal folks!


Last but certainly not least......I put potato peels, cucumber peels, broccoli stems, green and red pepper stems and the half-cooked-rotten-fishy-death-smelling ribs down the garbage disposal.  Normally, this is not a problem.  We've owned the house for five years and I put EVERYTHING in the disposal.  Never a problem!  UNTIL NOW!  The sink backed up and when Hubs went to fix it a screw broke.  Wally World did NOT have a screw like it and no hardware/home improvement stores were open.  The next day he worked then we had football practice so saying my kitchen is dirty is quite an understatement at best!  It is nasty but I couldn't use the sink or the dishwasher until today when I have chosen to be on the computer and avoid the entire house!!  The stuff that came up smelled like sewage and stunk up the entire house.  I don't know what caused the problem but now I am scared to use the contraption at all even though it is fixed!  Oh and in the process of helping him fix the disposal one of my rings fell in which I did NOT notice until I turned it on.....OOPS!  One of my favorite rings turned into a mangled mess luckily it wasn't a high priced gem!   

Angela's Adventures


  1. Good luck beating that poor computer into submission. {*grin*}

  2. Stay out of the kitchen! It will eat you alive next.

  3. You have to share your recipe for great pork ribs! My husband would sing your praises forever. I can never get them right. Sorry about those stinging cuts. That's not fun. I'm hoping to play along soon.

  4. So while reading this all i could think of was different Pampered chef tools you could use and make that meal so easy! Lol! Love you

  5. I find it best to stay out of the kitchen...

  6. Next time hire someone else after the first two things go wrong. I know you can't hire pray for a fairy godmother to come along. Bippity Boppity Boo!


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