Sunday, May 04, 2008


Does anyone know what today is? National Scrapbooking Day! Yeah for me b/c I got to go crop with Shan and Cleta!!! Also it was Elijah's last soccer game of the season and he scored a goal from right behind midfield. Although I would love to say it was skill that he inherited from his mother, I will not lie it was a complete kick of luck and it shocked everyone especially him! So cute! Well I was writing to tell you about this woman we had to sit with at the crop. I thought we all may just kill her. SHE TALKED NON-STOP FOR EIGHT FREAKING HOURS!!!! Oh poor pitiful many depressing stories we wondered just how many were true. I got plenty done today but not as much as I needed to because I had to keep getting up to walk around AWAY from her!!!! Man was she ever annoying! To top it off somewhere halfway through the day Shandolynne somehow mentioned my work and then we had to hear about her dog for what seemed like a lifetime!!! Shandolynne had to embellish that my family owns the store and blah blah blah so that Katrina (By the way I already hated that name but now I loath it!) would shift her focus onto me instead of Shandolynne who had actually been acknowledging that she existed. Up to this point I had done fairly well at not speaking to her directly! Now I was forced to act like she existed! "Sweetpea has all the clothing you sell! (Then she describes each and every one!) I am the one who called a couple of times per week wondering when the new OU shirts would be in for little Sweetpea. I am also the one who special ordered the 5 puppy tiaras!" Need I say more! FREAK SHUT UP! She is one of the many reasons why I no longer work on the sales floor but lock myself away to a little office in hopes no freaks find me! I swear Shandolynne if she comes in asking for me by name I will pray DAILY that you have to wipe her ass someday in the hospital and then have to "sit" a shift with her!!!! You know I will! Dreams can come true!

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  1. Oh, how I pray this dream of yours will never come true. But alas- I fear it may at some point. Crap.


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