Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My son.....he cracks me up! First you should know that all boys play with their pee pees from a very young age. Awkwardly Isaiah never really did until after his circumcision revision at almost a year and a half. Ever since that surgery he has grabbed on to his pee pee and rarely lets go! It annoys me at times but he is obsessed so it verges on humorous. This morning I got him out of bed, undressed him and told him to go potty then to get on my bed and I would get him dressed. Meanwhile I went into the kitchen to start his breakfast and feed the dogs. When I walked into my room he says, "You rang momma!" I said, "What?" He said, "Look you rang momma!" My sight was as follows......my naked almost three year old boy laying on my bed with his pee pee in full salute and his hands under his hips lifting his pelvic area into the air with MY WEDDING "RANG" ON HIS PEE PEE! Need I say more - I sure hope not!

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