Thursday, May 15, 2008


So my boys are in my niece's wedding this Saturday. I am excited to see how handsome they will be but not so excited about paying for two tuxes!! A couple of weeks ago we went to Men's Wearhouse to get them sized and I must add that the store has poor customer service!! We went tonight to try-on and pick up the tuxes but they didn't fit! I mean they seriously didn't fit!! Elijah's wasn't quite as bad but his jacket sleeves were two different lengths. One sleeve was an inch and a half shorter than the other but the rest was okay. Isaiah's tux on the other hand was a miniature disaster. What exactly is the point of measuring to order the tux if it comes in no where close to the measurements? I have not heard about a wedding yet that the tuxes arrived correctly in fact when my husband went to pick up his tux for our wedding they didn't even have it. Imagine my surprise with that phone call! How can you forget the GROOM'S tux? Anyhow Isaiah's jacket sleeves were an inch and a half to short, his vest was too big, and the pants oh the pants. I posted a picture of the tux "capris" - a new style I am assuming.

In the picture see how short they are then let me tell you that is WITH THEM PULLED DOWN AN INCH BELOW HIS WAIST!!! So they were actually an inch shorter than what the picture shows!!! The lady says to me "well where do you want them?" like I am being unreasonable! I said, "Well that is your problem. I know he will be wearing black socks the day of the wedding but you shouldn't be able to see his socks at all let alone the 2 inches of skin. MY boy doesn't wear capri pants and I doubt that is what Mikala requested!" Don't be snotty with me over YOUR mistake! Again I ask you what exactly is the point of measuring!! Guess we'll see about that when the alterations are fixed. Till next time America......

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