Friday, May 23, 2008


My little boy turns 3 today!

I could go on and on about how crazy it is but well wait maybe I will a little! It is just crazy to me it literally feels like I just brought his little chicken leg butt home. I love everything about this boy even his attitude which at times I hate but he wouldn't be "him" without it. He's had his troubles starting off with his droopy eye and crooked smile caused by them pinching some nerve during my c-section but they told me it would go away. The eye returned to normal but he was left with his ornery little crooked mouth that's only detectable when he smiles, laughs or cries! But again he wouldn't be Isaiah without that ornery crooked "I didn't do nutting momma!" smile! He had to have a circumcision revision at about a year and a half but without it I don't think he would have found his beloved little toy! He he! After a long eleven months with ten ear infections and dozens of antibiotics we were told he was almost deaf and the doctors warned us he might have permanent hearing loss BUT he had tubes put in his ears and his adenoids taken out and passed his first hearing test 6 months after the surgery. You can not comprehend my joy when the fear of permanent hearing loss was erased and I knew my little boy would be okay. He may need some speech later on but I am perfectly fine with that. His speech just keeps getting better and better and the times I wish he would just stop talking I have to think at least he is able to hear and talk. He is adorable, handsome, ornery, stubborn, loud, sneaky, hot-tempered, bad but hilarious and he is my little boy. I pray there aren't as many complications in his future although I know there will be so I must pray for the best result to those complications. He loves music, dancing, and he LOVES cars. He is so much like his daddy it freaks me out at times. He is a true mini-me for my husband! They are funny together and he is his daddy's boy! I just can't believe he is three and I am frightened yet excited for the changes ahead! Sometimes I wish my boys weren't so darn is hard having such cute kids...hey I am in NO way biased....they are going to be heart breakers and I pity any scandalous girls who will enter their lives b/c they will have to deal with me! Ha! I will literally beat them off with a stick or bat or whatever is handy! lol Quit laughing you all know you would do the same for your kids! Happy Birthday Baby Momma loves you!

At his birthday party

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