Sunday, June 01, 2008


I keep forgetting to write this down so I remember it for Elijah. My mom constantly tells me to write down the funny things the kids say and I do when I am scrapbooking IF I remember so that is why I blog some things so I remember. Towards the end of the school year the older elementary children had pioneer days and walked to school with their little covered red wagons and their pioneer gear on. For some reason that day my mother picked up Elijah and she said, "Oh Elijah was it cowboy day?"
He answered in a tone as if she was crazy, "No Meme it was PIONEER day! The older kids got to recreate the land rush. That is where the pioneers lined up then raced to get free land!"

My mom replies with "I know what the land rush is Elijah. What else did you learn today?"

Surprised yet curious he says, "Oh yeah you are old huh! Did you and Papa get any land in the land rush?"

What else could she do but laugh and say, "WELL I'M NOT THAT OLD!"

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