Sunday, June 15, 2008


Happy Father's Day to all! First of all I want to tell you guys I think I have an amazing husband and he is not only a great "Daddy" he is also a great "Father" figure for our children. He works hard and loves hard. I will not lie he has his flaws but NO one is perfect. I think I got lucky according to other wives I've chatted with b/c they seemed shocked that we even switch off bath nights. Normal to me not so much for others. I still do WAY more than my fair share but at least my husbands tries. He loves me for who I really am and I love to watch him interact with our children and see just how much he loves them so for that reason today was HIS day! He wanted to go to a car show at Chandler Park so we went. His friend is some sort of leader of the club that was putting it on so we got in and parked for free which you all know I love!! Talk about HOT! I had sweat rolling down my back***YUCK***, running down into my eyes***OUCH*** and just plain in places I wish it wasn't! Well of course, like EVERYWHERE we go my husband sees a zillion people he knows and he has to stop and talk and talk to each one b/c he is so freaking friendly. I just stood there sweating and listening to the kids complain about being hot and thirsty! So we go up this hill and see a crowd of people surrounding a tall chain link fence and wondered what was going on when low and behold I see the front of a car appear ABOVE their heads. Wow what was that you ask.......well that is the same thing I said!! It was a hydrolics "bounce" contest! Pretty freaking cool! I had never seen or even heard of a "bounce" contest (severe white girl syndrome I guess - ha!) and it was amazing how high the cars could go!

They would drive the "souped up" car into the ring

While the operators set up the hydrolics with the remote, the officials would then slide measuring devices to the front of each car to measure its "bouncing" heighth.

Then they let it bounce and bounce and bounce all the while the officials hoping not to get smashed slide the measuring devices around with the cars which normally bounced around in a small semi-circle................TOO COOL!! Hard to see and get pictures with such a large crowd but it was a new and neat experience for me and the boys who are obsessed with cars anyway! Some of those cars were absolutely crazy! Some of them went almost completely vertical and appeared as if they were going to fall over backwards! One car dropped its entire frame and had to get towed while a couple of others had tires FLY off! Crazy I tell you and fun to watch!

I looked over and Elijah was on the shoulders of a complete stranger. When the man saw my face, he introduced himself. He said, "sorry to snatch up the boy but he was trying so hard to see so I just lifted him up onto my shoulders". I said, "no that is fine" since I saw Martez already watching him like a hawk while Zay was on his shoulders". Martez drooled over the cars and I tried to take pictures between the people in the crowd! We had a lot of fun watching the bounce contest then decided it was too hot and we were ready to eat BUT of course it took yet another hour to just get to the car b/c he had to stop at cars along the way and talk to a zillion people. My husband is very friendly and I think he would talk to a wall if it were to talk back and I know that is a nice quality to have BUT dear Lord it was HOT outside and I was sweating in places a lady just should NOT sweat! TMI, I know but seriously sometimes it would be nice if he could JUST SAY HELLO instead of talking forever b/c children don't like to just sit and wait and for that matter neither do I really! I finally got him into the car and away we went to eat and GO home!

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