Saturday, June 14, 2008


Well the storm that I blogged about a few weeks ago took the south side fence and ended up taking our only shade tree in the back. We had taken off the fallen portion of the tree the day it fell but then the whole tree was wobbly - not good with kids and dogs back there! My brother came to look at it and ended up helping us take down the ENTIRE tree and some pretty but thorny bush that we hated anyway. It stinks b/c the tree was easy for the boys to climb and our only shade for the backyard. Our back yard is big with only one tree and the front yard is small with three BIG trees. Go figure! Now we have two HUGE piles of limbs out in front of the house much like others in the neighborhood but at least the city will be picking them up!

The fence was another story we decided to fix it ourselves which was a TON cheaper but a lot of work and I think a big mistake. It was much worse than we originally thought and worse than it looks in the picture. We ended up fixing it the night before our OKC trip with Shan b/c we couldn't leave since the dogs kept going into the neighbors yard. It just kept raining on us making a muddy mess. It was funny we (Martez, Tez and me) had our heads down, clothes soaked, standing in mud, spitting water out of our faces (even though it wasn't pouring it was still raining pretty good off and on) and working HARD when I said, "Hey Tez this is what Papa would call Family Fun!" Tez remarks, "What is so fun about this?" I just had to laugh b/c that was the same thing I used to say to my Dad everytime he would call WORK "Family Fun". I thought the rain had stopped so when I went in to use the bathroom I changed my clothes only to go outside and get wet again when the rain resumed 2 minutes later!! Gotta love Family Fun!

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