Monday, June 02, 2008


Good news and bad news to follow. The good news is Samson has brought new life to Moose. They play and play. Samson loves to play tug of war with Moose. Samson also likes to play keep away. He grabs one of his toys and runs like the wind around and in between things like a little lightning bolt. He is super fast and although Moose obviously has more strength, speed is not one of his better known qualities. Moose tries to catch Samson in order to get the toy and it cracks us up while watching. Here is where the bad news comes in. Sadly I believe Moose has body dysmorphic disorder! lol He will be chasing Samson around and when Samson runs through a tight space Moose will be running as fast as his short little legs will carry him and then suddenly stop and get stuck. It looks like trying to stuff a hot dog into a pinhole - it won't work! He just gets stuck then barks and barks. We just laugh and think "did you really THINK you would fit through there!". Sadly thinking is not a prominent quality of his either. He really has no idea of his size. Poor Fat Pat! The picture is of Moose trying to fit into baby Samson's new bed!!

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