Sunday, June 01, 2008


Today we went to my friend Tammy's birthday party. She turned 43 and how sad is it that instead of starting a small fire they had to just get a 4 candle and a 3 candle! Ha! Love ya Tammy! Anyway we had a good time! Her cake was absolutely amazing in fact I think it may be the best birthday cake I have ever had. It was an ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery and it was GOOD! As you can tell she is a football nut mainly an OU and Dallas Cowboy fan but she loves football and vows to make me understand the game one day! Good luck with that plan Tammy! They always have birthday parties at her Grandpa's house which is perfectly fine with me b/c their is always swimming and plenty of BBQ and Daddy Bob's ribs are AMAZING as you can tell...

He is just too cute for words!

Just having some fun!

We kept telling the boys to pee in the bushes outside and Isaiah looked so cute I just couldn't resist taking a picture! I think he enjoyed peeing outside b/c he went pee about every 10minutes and each time he would waddle over baring it all to the party so we could help pull up his wet swim trunks! You all know I have many pictures of that too but I won't be posting those pics they are saved for the scrapbook o' blackmail! My kids are going to hate me when they are older and realize all the embarrassing moments I have captured!

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