Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today we had to go to the family reunion on Martez's maternal grandmother's side of the family which I was "so" looking forward to.....sense the sarcasm! I was trying to be positive and pray that they were much nicer than his maternal grandfather's side of the family b/c his maternal Grandfather is an ass and that is putting it VERY nicely!!! In fact most of the relatives on his mom's side of the family do not speak to me willingly! His Grandmother, his sister, a couple of cousins and two aunts on his mom's BIG side of the family talk to me and are genuinely nice but the rest basically ignore or carry on a very forced fake conversation OR just outright tell me what they think of me being white. You know what really cracks me up is he wasn't really even raised by his father or really around that part of his family much but he is so much more like them it isn't even funny. My father-in-law's family is nice, outgoing, talkative and funny even to me and they actually like talking to me and invite us places .....hmmm......he is just like them not that his mom would like me saying that very much but it is true b/c my husband is nothing like his mom's family. Martez is outgoing and almost too nice...he will talk to complete strangers and he knows everyone somehow no matter where we are even out of town......not shy, snotty and quiet! They just don't like the fact that he is married to a white woman and actually grew up and moved on with his life.......OH but somehow they aren't prejudice at all? Explain that to me! Racism goes both ways baby! Ok so obviously I can never seem to even bring up his family without getting upset and going off on some tangent every single time so..............we went to the reunion where I notice that somehow over the past eight years I had not met these people. We were right on time unlike everyone else like usual. For those of you who know me you know I have a flair for tardiness but you haven't seen tardy until you attend an Oliver/Armstead/Gist event! I swear weddings, birthday parties, reunions, church will all start hours late! Well they were all "nice" for the most part not overly welcoming to me but oh well they weren't there to see me anyway. His mom got there about 20 minutes before we had to leave and then had to complain about us leaving and Martez really said, "Well we got here on time and we've been here. I told you we made plans and had to leave early but you chose to be a couple of hours late so that is your fault!" Go BABY! I love him! The reunion was to be like 4 or 5 hrs long but we stayed a couple of hours thankfully leaving before most of the "hatefuls" arrived BECAUSE Tammy and Jessie saved the day again. They got us unknowingly out of another family "not-so-social" occasion AGAIN for something else Martez would rather do and therefore leave early which benefits ME and my kids!!!! Yet another reason to LOVE the Harvey's: they have awesome timing!! I don't remember what the last occasion was but I remember I didn't want to go and then Tammy called wondering if we wanted to go to a 66ers game and of course Martez said yes so WOOHOO THEY SAVED THE DAY! THEN they saved my day again with yet another call. Tammy calls to see if we want to go to a Talons game and I said probably not b/c of the family reunion that we had to cancel the Branson trip for was that evening but I would ask Martez. Thinking he would say no I asked reluctantly but WOOHOO he said, "Yes we'll just leave the reunion early since we don't want to go anyway!" WOOHOO baby! Now those of you that know me know that I do not understand football! Tammy, Jessie, and Martez are all big football fans but I just don't understand it. The only games I plan on even watching in life are those games that my son's will play in and that is about it! HOWEVER I WAS MORE THAN WILLING TO LEAVE THE REUNION TO GO TO A TALONS GAME EVEN THOUGH I WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND MUCH OTHER THAN A TOUCHDOWN OR FUMBLE! lol Needless to say I just took pics and sat! Fine with me! Thanks Harveys!

Isaiah, Elijah and John

Footbally stuff that Jessie wanted pics of

The final score!

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