Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The past two months have been soooooo crazy busy that we just NEED to get away! We decided to take a much needed trip to Branson. We love Branson b/c you never run out of new things to do or see and it is not too far from home PLUS we get to see my Grandma on the way! We picked a date and I made all the arrangements. We would leave on June 12th and return the 15th which worked out really good since my parents were also going that weekend so we could see my Dad on Father's Day. After all the arrangements are made and about a week before we were to leave, my MIL informs us the family reunion is that weekend. Last minute of course!! She had told us several months back that the reunion was this summer but I guess we were supposed to leave the entire summer free until she notified us of the date or run all of our plans through her. I think Martez didn't care whether he went or not but she had to make it an issue of my family vs hers like always!! SO we or I guess I should say "I" had to cancel all the arrangements!! I WAS NOT HAPPY! I swear she acts as if we freaking live with my parents! I work with my Dad and my Mom watches the boys so we have to see them everyday but it isn't like we are throwing parties and eating every single meal with my parents just livin' it up. She always says, "You always do things with HER family!" The only time my ENTIRE family is together is for major holidays and birthday parties or dinners! Other than that we are too busy with our own individual family units! Besides the fact the reason we go to those occasions is b/c we ARE INVITED unlike the many things that his family gets together for where WE are NOT invited. We can't show up to things we do not know about and I am sick and tired of rearranging our plans for every LAST MINUTE invite. I swear she waits until the VERY last second to tell us about "plans" so that she can complain when we are unable to attend! GROW UP.........and that Bible that you throw into every one's face...maybe you should actually read it and take it for what it means not for what you want it to mean when it is convenient for you!

Sorry guys but I am so sick of her talking bad about my family! She constantly says they are stuck up and won't talk to her! HA! You have got to be freaking kidding me! ANYONE who knows my family KNOWS they are the complete opposite of that! My family members will talk to anyone and have conversations with complete strangers unlike her. I am so tired of my family attempting to talk to her and her acting as if she is scared to talk to them then turn it all around on them! FOR INSTANCE, my children's birthday parties...........IF she shows up at all she always "gets lost" and is ALWAYS late not just 15 minutes late but end of the party late and then she secludes herself and talks on her freaking cell phone! Example: Isaiah's 3rd bday party was at the same park it has been at for the past three years but somehow she didn't know where it was at! The party was from 6 to 8 pm and she finally graced us with her presence at 7:40pm then she ignored my parents' attempt at a conversation with her, sat with everyone for about 10 minutes then went on her little way to a park bench at the opposite side of the park and talked on her phone LIKE SHE DOES EVERY YEAR! What a Grandmother I tell you! And Martez can't seem to see why I think she wants nothing to do with me or our kids......I guess this is her way of proving him wrong....what? WAKE UP! So I tell everyone when they ask why she walked off that she is secluding herself but somehow it will be MY family's fault! Martez walks over to ask her to come back to the shelter and she says and I quote, "I just don't want them to see my teeth because it's embarrassing!" Her teeth are falling out and she hides them as much as possible which I understand but it is funny how she takes the blame for her seclusion THEN but I KNEW it would come back on my'll hear the end of this story on the road trip phone call!

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